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Nov 09, 2016
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PLC Deputy Speaker Hassan Khreisheh in Criticism of Mahmoud Abbas: "He Is the President of Everything"; PA Officialdom Is Corrupt

#5757 | 02:24

Hassan Khreisheh, Second Deputy Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council, criticized the PA and its president Mahmoud Abbas, saying that "he is the president of everything," and that he relies upon a handful of advisors, who exploit their position. "Nobody is appointed to serve in a Palestinian embassy unless he is the son of an official," he complained. Speaking in a November 9 interview on the Palestinian Al-Fajer Al-Jadeed TV, Khreisheh criticized the Palestinian Authority and factions for not being supportive enough of the young men, "younger the Oslo Accords," who wage the Intifada.

Hassan Khreisheh: "With all due respect to President (Mahmoud Abbas), he is the PA president, the PLO chairman, the head of Fatah, the head of the security agencies, the head of the Legislative Council, and the head of the judiciary - he appoints judges. He is the president of everything. All the authorities are held by one person, and regardless how respectable that person may be, he cannot fulfill all his commitments. Therefore, he needs authorities to help him - the legislative authority, the judicial authority, and the government. But these three branches are of no help, and so he relies upon a handful of advisors. Sadly, those advisors exploit their position. They appoint all their children to the attorney general's office. Every single person who was appointed to the attorney general's office is the son of an official. Nobody is appointed to serve in a Palestinian embassy unless he is the son of an official. Sometimes you find four or five siblings in one embassy. These advisors are harming the president and our people."


"The young men who waged the Intifada last year are younger than the Oslo Accords. They have delivered a message to everybody who wishes to listen."

Al-Fajer Al-Jadeed TV Host: "Was this an expression of their frustration?"

Hassan Khreisheh: "The Intifada was the result of conviction, not of frustration. They became convinced that all the promises we had made were not true, and they wanted to fight the occupation in order to put an end to it, or at least revolt for the sake of their faith, the holy places, Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque. We saw the determination of these youth, who operated as individuals, not part of an organization or a faction. They took this role upon themselves - people like Muhannad Al-Halabi and others. In my opinion, we Palestinians are capable today of getting out of this crisis, of changing our relations with the occupier to how they should be, and of embracing the resistance and the Intifada in general. We need to provide a cover for (the Intifada), a thing we haven't done so far. It is the people themselves who rebuild the homes of martyrs, whose homes were destroyed - not the Palestinian factions and not the Palestinian Authority, I'm sad to say. Some people might be angry at me for saying this, but it is the reality."

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