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May 25, 2024
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Chinese PLA Eastern Command Publishes Video Outlining Motto For Quashing Taiwanese Independence: Advance, Besiege, Lock Down, Attack, Destroy, Cut Off

#11162 | 01:45
Source: Online Platforms - "PLA's Eastern Theater Command on Weibo"

Onscreen text: "Six-word mantra for quashing independence"

Soldier 1: "Fall In!"

Onscreen text: "Advance. Besiege."

Soldier 2: "To the port side of our ship, about twenty two nautical miles away, lies Pengjia Islet, known as the 'gateway' to the northern part of Taiwan Island."

Onscreen text: "Lock Down."

Soldier 3: "Open the safety, launch!"

Onscreen text: "Attack, Destroy, Cut Off. Seven-character quatrain: Sharp Blade Unsheathed.

"The rogue and unscrupulous independence harms Taiwan, colluding with foreign enemies as chess pieces. One country across two shores for a thousand years, shaping the trend and setting clear rules for the future."

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