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Aug 07, 2022
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PIJ Rocket Misfires, Lands In Gaza Neighborhood During Live Mayadeen TV Broadcast – Reporter Claims It Was Launched Towards The Sea, Asks Cameraman To Turn Camera Away

#9733 | 01:03
Source: Mayadeen TV (Lebanon)

During a live Mayadeen TV (Lebanon) coverage of the recent escalation between Gaza and Israel on August 7, 2022, the channel's correspondent insisted that a rocket that had misfired and hit in a local neighborhood had actually been fired towards the sea. The correspondent then asked the cameraman to turn the camera away from the densely populated area in which the rocket had landed.

Host 1: "Yes, Ahmad, rockets are being launched towards the sea again, maybe towards the gas field. The rockets... Ahmad..."

Host 2: "Yes, Ahmad, we are watching with you."

Host 1: "Ahmad, the rockets are being launched towards the sea, as we are watching. Rockets are being launched towards the sea. A number of rockets were launched towards the sea. It seems that they were launched..."

Host: 2: "Yes Ahmad, it is clear that..."

Host 1: "Two rockets were launched towards the sea."

Host: 2: "Please, turn the camera away, turn the camera upwards."

Host 1: "Yes, Ahmad, apparently rockets were launched towards the sea."

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