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Feb 17, 2024
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Paris-Based Lebanese Journalist Maya Khadra: Hamas Lacks Moral Values; They Use Gazans As Human Shields To Wage Their 'Suicidal War'; Attacking Defenseless People In Their Homes, Killing Children, Abducting Chronically Ill People Is Not Resistance – These Are Crimes

#10899 | 01:32
Source: MTV (Lebanon)

Paris-based Lebanese journalist and academic Maya Khadra accused Hamas and Hizbullah of lacking moral values in a February 17, 2024 show on MTV (Lebanon). She said that instead of fighting the occupier, Hamas attacked defenseless people in their homes, killed children, abducted chronically ill people, putting them in tunnels. Khadra added: "These are all crimes." She said that Hamas has turned the people of Gaza into "human shields" in order to wage their "social war." Khadra continued: "Gaza has not had a single political or military achievement from all this."

Maya Khadra: "The 'resistance' [of Hamas] has no moral ideal, no values. The values should be fighting the occupier, not defenseless people in their homes, who wake up in the morning to people attacking them, killing them, putting their children in ovens... Some pictures were not shown in Lebanon, but we, in the West, saw them.

"They placed children in ovens, to burn them like in the Holocaust. These are all crimes. It should be known that the resistance, whether Hizbullah in south Lebanon – I don't really call them 'resistance' – or Hamas, if we like to consider them as 'resistance'...

"In order to be considered resistance, they should have values and lofty principles. What kind of values has this 'resistance' demonstrated to us? Killing children, abducting people with chronic illnesses that require medication, and putting them in tunnels under Gaza? Is this what you call 'resistance'?

"They have turned the people of Gaza into human shields, in order to wage their suicidal war. Gaza has not had a single political or military achievement from all this."

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