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Mar 04, 2022
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Song Performed At Palestinian Wedding: 'Harden Your Heart, Oh Putin; Increase Your Attacks... Banish [Ukrainians] To Palestine And We Will Marry Ukrainian Women... We Say To China: Invade Taiwan [To] Smash The Nose Of The Americans'

#9426 | 01:11
Source: Online Platforms - "Various palestinian online sources"

A song performed at a Palestinian wedding called on Russian President Vladimir Putin to increase attacks against Ukraine and on China to invade Taiwan. One of the singers asked Putin to banish the Ukrainians to Palestine so Palestinians can marry Ukrainian women. He added that China should invade Taiwan so "we will smash the nose of the Americans," who manufacture Israeli airplanes. A video of the performance by singers Mohammed Arani and Suhaib Al-Jamma'ini was posted on various online Palestinian sources on March 4, 2022.

Wedding singer Mohammed Arani: "Harden your heart, oh Putin. Increase your attacks. Banish them to Palestine and we will marry Ukrainian women.

"Also, we say to China: Invade Taiwan! Also, we say to China: Why don't you invade Taiwan? This way we will smash the nose of the Americans, who make the [Israeli] airplanes. Harden your heart, oh Putin. Increase your attacks, banish them to Palestine and we will marry Ukrainian women."

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