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Dec 07, 2022
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Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas: I Do Not Endorse Armed Resistance Now, But I Can Change My Mind Tomorrow, The Day After, Or At Any Moment

#9979 | 00:41
Source: Al-Arabiya Network (Dubai/Saudi Arabia)

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said in a December 7, 2022 interview that aired on Al-Arabiya Network (Saudi Arabia) that he is a proponent of "peaceful resistance." He said that he does not endorse armed resistance "now." Abbas added that in the future, he may change his mind at "any moment."

Interviewer: "Your motto is peaceful resistance."

Mahmoud Abbas: "Yes, peaceful."

Interviewer: "I am really interested to talk about this point specifically, because I think that this might cause you some embarrassment, at least in international forums. Does it cause you embarrassment?"

Abbas: "I am describing a certain situation. I do not endorse armed resistance now."

Interviewer: "'Now?' Does that mean that you can change your mind?"

Abbas: "Of course, I can change my mind at any moment – tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, whenever. Anything can change."

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