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Oct 26, 2023
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Palestinian Politician Hanan Ashrawi: Biden Just Blindly Parrots Everything He Hears From The Israeli 'Spin Machine'; Claims Of Hamas Atrocities Are Lies, Nonsense, Doctored Pictures

#10583 | 02:20
Source: Online Platforms - "Democracy Now! on Youtube"

Former member of the Palestinian Legislative Council and peace talk delegation Hanan Ashrawi rejected in an October 26, 2023, show on Democracy Now! on YouTube, claims that Hamas committed atrocities against Israel in its October 7 attack. She claimed that the U.S. is not just complicit with Israel, but it is a "partner in crime." Ashrawi stated that U.S. President Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken have "sacrificed their credibility in a horrible way by repeating the propaganda of the Israeli spin machine." She continued to state that "even the Europeans swallowed all these lies in the beginning of the incursion in which they accused the Palestinians of horrible things without evidence." Ashrawi said President Biden "just blindly parrots everything he hears from the Israelis," and she added that he and others have had to "walk back [from] the issue of women being raped, or children being beheaded, or all that nonsense, doctored pictures, and so on."

Hanan Ashrawi: "The U.S. is certainly a partner in crime with Israel. The U.S. administration has become spokespeople, including Biden and Blinken, in a very, in a horrible, way, in which they have sacrificed not just their own credibility, but the credibility of the Americans, by repeating the propaganda of the Israeli spin machine, and by labeling and maligning and smearing the Palestinians, and then calling us liars. So what Israel says in many ways affects what the U.S. says, [which] affects public opinion as a whole. Even the Europeans swallowed all those lies at the beginning of the incursion, in which they accused the Palestinians of horrible things, without evidence, without substantiation, without any kind of proof, and then it became actual fact. The U.S. is in many ways is not just complicit but is a part of this war.

"This war against Gaza administration is a massacre against civilians. It's just so horrific, that to see Blinken or Biden stand up and say, 'We don’t believe the Palestinians' when look at Netanyahu. Pinocchio would be very happy with all the lies.

"They have a spin machine. We have a cause. There is a pre-disposition by Biden and others to malign the Palestinians and to believe everything the Israelis said. We have to walk back the women being raped, or children being beheaded, or all that nonsense, doctored pictures, and so on. What about the Anglican hospital? Immediately the Israelis said, 'We [Palestinians] bombed ourselves' …[with] the Palestinian rocket. Biden just blindly parrots of the things he hears from the Israelis. And I said this the Israelis have a spin machine. And they are good at it, I must say, because they spend billions on it."

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