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Feb 05, 2022
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Palestinian PM Mohammad Shtayyeh: The Arab World Has Not Really Benefited From The Abraham Accords; Israel Should Not Be Rewarded For What It Is Doing To The Palestinians By Receiving Observer Status In The African Union

#9350 | 01:40
Source: France 24 Arabic TV (France)

In a February 5, 2022 interview on France 24 TV, Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh discussed a recent resolution to grant Israel observer status in the African Union. He said that Israel should not be “rewarded” for its actions towards the Palestinians by being granted observer status. He also said that the Arab world has not really benefited from the Abraham Accords. In addition, Shtayyeh said that the Arab nation cannot allow each Arab country to choose peace or war on its own, but rather all Arab countries must comply with the resolutions of the Arab League and Arab summits.

Mohammad Shtayyeh: "We do not deny that Israel has relations with some African countries, but Israel does not have relations with most African countries. Most African countries do not want Israel as a member in the [African] Union, which includes all African countries.

"There is a difference between countries having bilateral relations with Israel, and the African Union as an institution. This union has its positions, principles, and resolutions. The union respects its own resolutions, and we respect such a union that honors its resolution regarding the Palestinian cause.

"To be honest, this morning I said in my speech that Israel should not be rewarded for what it is doing against the Palestinian people.


"Regarding the normalization process and the so-called 'Abraham Accords' - what has the Arab world gained from all this, really? There is no real benefit to them. Some countries have their own considerations, but that is another matter. As far as we are concerned, we go by the resolutions of the Arab League and Arab summits.

"These issues should have been placed on the Arab League's agenda, so that we could go together, as one, towards peace or towards war. The Arab nation cannot allow [each country] to do this on its own."

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