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Feb 06, 2020
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Palestinian-Lebanese Scholar Ali Al-Yousuf: We Will Rip out the Israelis' Spleens and Livers; We Refuse to Accept Repatriation in Lebanon

#7802 | 01:19
Source: Channel 9/Qanat TV (Turkey)

Palestinian-Lebanese Islamic scholar Sheikh Ali Al-Yousuf, who is a member of the International Union for the Support of Jerusalem and Palestine, said in a February 6, 2020 interview on Channel 9 (Turkey) that the Palestinians will rip out Israel's livers and spleens and deliver a "mighty and deadly" blow to its heart in a fashion similar to how Israeli forces shot Muhammad Salman Al-Haddad, a Palestinian 17-year-old who was killed by Israeli forces during a February 5 protest in the West Bank. Sheikh Al-Yousuf said that the Palestinians in Lebanon still "erupt like a volcano" and fight on the Palestinian front while simultaneously fighting on the Lebanese front against injustice, tyranny, and oppression and against those who want to "restrain" and "neuter" the Palestinians by getting them to accept repatriation in Lebanon. He added: "We continue saying: No to repatriation, no to deportation, yes to returning to Palestine."

Ali Al-Yousuf: "We will strike a mighty and deadly blow to the heart [of Israel]. Just as they shot a bullet into the heart of Muhammad Salman [in Hebron], we will strike their hearts and tear out their livers and spleens, Allah willing.


"The Palestinians in Lebanon still erupt like a volcano. If you follow events in Lebanon, you know what the Palestinians there do for their people inside Palestine. Whenever the winds of resistance blow inside Palestine, all the refugee camps [in Lebanon] erupt. We erupt and fight on two fronts: We fight on the Palestinian front, which is the main front for us, and on the [Lebanese] front, which is the front of injustice, tyranny, and oppression and in which they want us to be under siege and be denied our rights. This front is no less important than the front of confrontation because it supports the people of Palestine. They want to restrain us and to neuter us. They want us to give up and accept repatriation [of refugees in Lebanon], but we continue saying: No to repatriation, no to deportation, yes to returning to Palestine."

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