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Feb 21, 2021
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Palestinian Dignitaries Launch Legal Campaign To Sue U.K. And Israel For 'Crimes And Atrocities' Of The Balfour Declaration

#8713 | 04:24
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

Palestine TV aired a ceremony in honor of the International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Balfour Declaration on February 21, 2021. Palestinian business tycoon Munib Al-Masri declared February 21 as the International Day of Commemoration for the Victims of Balfour. He said that Palestinians would take legal action against Britain and Israel for the "crimes and atrocities" that Britain carried out against the Palestinians. Deputy Governor of Nablus Governorate Anan Al-Attireh said that Palestinians would continue the war, the struggle, resistance, including armed resistance if necessary. She said that the "Zionist enemy" must be held accountable and that Palestinians would take legal actions against it as well as against the British government. Head of the Higher Arab Monitoring Committee in Israel and Former Member of the Israeli Knesset Mohammad Barakeh said that while Britain bears a large part of the blame for the Balfour Declaration, this does not absolve the Zionist movement and Arab countries that are "rushing" to establish relations with Israel, and together, they form the "filthy trio" of colonialism and imperialism, Zionism and Arab reactionism.

Munib Al-Masri: "Brothers and sisters, today, after 103 years, we decided to address the entire world, in the name of truth, justice, morality, humanity, and the law, because the time has come to lift the injustice from the Palestinians, and to go after all those who violated their rights. Today, after  103 years, we decided, in the name of the Arab Palestinian people, from the 'Mountain of Fire,' in Nablus, the city of the free, to launch our legal campaign against the British government and all those who conspired with it in order to defend our land and our rights.

"In the name of all free people in the world, we declare today, that February 21st is the International Day of Commemoration for the Victims of Balfour. Let us remind the world of the crimes and atrocities committed by Britain against our people. Let us emphasize that we are moving forward on the path of freedom, the path of building an independent state, with Jerusalem as its capital inshallah. We are here, awaiting the ruling of the just Palestinian judiciary, that we revere. We intend to initiate legal measures and sue Britain in its own court. We call upon the Palestinian people and the free people of the world to stand with us and struggle for this cause for the sake of peace, freedom, independence, and the lifting of suffering and injustice from the Palestinian people."

Anan Al-Attireh: "Yes, we will keep on fighting. This battle takes different forms. First and foremost, it means struggle. It is resistance in all its forms. International law approved resistance in all its forms for the Palestinian people. Today we are here, in front of the court, with an unprecedented initiative. We want to hold the Zionist enemy accountable and prosecute it, along with the British government, which has brought all these woes upon our people, and allowed the Zionist occupation to pounce on this land, try to devour it, and to take control over its people and its resources.


"First, we want to prosecute them here, and then, when the time comes we will set out and we will tell the world that [we will wage] legal resistance, popular resistance, and if need be, [we will wage] armed resistance, in all its forms. So we are at war, until we realize the dreams of these children, these lion cubs and flowers."

Mohammed Barakeh: "Britain bears a large part of the blame, but this does not mean that we absolve the Zionist movement, which is the leading criminal, the main culprit. Neither do we absolve the [Arab] regimes that conspired together with Britain and the Zionist movement in the previous country, in 1948, and both before and after that, including those Arab countries that are rushing the establish relations with Israel [today]. Thus, blame is shared by the filthy trio of colonialism and imperialism, Zionism, and Arab reactionism. We cannot absolve any of them."

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