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Nov 04, 2015
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Palestinian Cleric in Antisemitic Diatribe on Official PA TV: The Jews Are the Slayers of the Prophets

#5161 | 03:03
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

On November 4, speaking on the official Palestinian Authority TV channel, Sheikh Imad Hamatu said that the Jews were "the slayers of prophets and the slayers of the innocent." He further said that according to "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion," the Jews were plotting to "Judaize" the Islamic faith.

Following are excerpts:

Sheikh Imad Hamatu: Historically speaking, it has not been proven that the Jews have any rights here. There was just a short period of 70 years when David and Solomon reigned, and they take pride in this period. For Allah there are no different nationalities, races, or skin colors. [The Quran says:] "The noblest of you in the sight of Allah is the most pious." These prophets came with the tidings of monotheism, and the [Jews] are the slayers of the prophets, the slayers of the innocent, and the slayers of the righteous.

We have been here for thousands of years, whereas they came for brief periods to a few places in Palestine. They did not have a sate, they did not have a currency, they did not have roots here, and they have not grown branches. Today, they are trying to fabricate a myth, a history, [claiming] that they belong here.

We [Palestinians] belong here in this land, according to the Quran and the Sunna, and according to the historical deeds of land that we possess, and which prove our presence in this land.

Therefore, it has been proven that the Prophet Muhammad said: "The Israelites slayed 42 prophets in a single day, and then along came 170 men who ordered them to do good and eschew evil, and they killed them too at the end of the day." So they are the slayers of prophets and the slayers of the innocent. The bloody course they follow is rooted in their false Torah.

In an effort to eradicate the Islamic signs and fingerprints from Jerusalem… This is a very dangerous thing – the Judaization of the land, and then the Judaization of the people, their way of thinking, and their culture… This is a very serious matter – the Judaization of the people. Then they began to Judaize the culture, by flooding the media – as was written in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion: that the Westerner, the Arab, the American, and the Australian should hear only what the Jews want him to hear. They made a concentrated effort to this effect.

Now, they have entered the fourth dangerous stage – the Judaization of the Islamic faith.

It is very concerning and upsetting to see some statements made by sheikhs and scholars on Youtube channels. I was surprised to hear a preacher say that one must not fight the Jews or stab them, and that these are deeds of the Kharijites. To hell with you! What Kharijites?! The Kharijites rebelled against Ali [Ibn Abu Taleb]. What, is Netanyahu now the Emir of the Believers if we rebel against him?!

Some people say that it is forbidden to stab. Bear in mind that the Jews want to spread these vile fatwas, just as they did in the second Intifada, when they quoted some muftis in Mecca, who said that the martyrdom operations carried out by our sons were in fact suicide operations. They began to spread these fatwas via media outlets and the social media.


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