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Aug 20, 2013
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Khaled Barakat, Senior Member Of PFLP And Samidoun Leader: "The Israelis And The Nazis Are Almost Identical In Terms Of The Way They Look At The Victim" (Archival)

#9290 | 01:18
Source: Online Platforms - "Charlotte Kates on YouTube"

In a speech uploaded to the YouTube account of Charlotte Kates, the international coordinator of Samidoun on August 20, 2013, senior PFLP member and Samidoun leader Khaled Barakat said that "the Israelis and the Nazis are almost identical in terms of the way they look at the victim." He added that the Israelis seek to increase their land and decrease the number of Arabs and that they consider Palestinian babies "demographic bombs," therefore they encourage Palestinian women to limit the number of children they have. In February 2021, Samidoun was designated a terrorist organization by Israeli authorities.

Khaled Barakat: "The Israelis and the Nazis are almost identical in terms of the way they look at the victim.


"The method that guides the Zionist movement and Israel is less Arabs and more land. We need to grab as much land as we can and displace as many Arabs as we can. That is why they call Palestinian babies demographic bombs. These are bombs and we need to limit Palestinians from having more children. They actually sponsor programs targeting Palestinian women, [telling them:] 'maybe you should not give birth to many children, because this hurts you as a woman.'


"We will fight until the liberation of Palestine and the Palestinian people, no matter how long this fight is going to take."

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