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Oct 07, 2023
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New Palestinian Authority Ambassador To Iraq Ahmad Rwaidy: Israeli Civilians Are Not Innocent People – They Are Soldiers Who Were Laying Siege On Gaza; How Else Were The People Of Gaza Supposed To Defend Themselves From The Siege?

#10504 | 00:56
Source: Al-Rasheed TV (Iraq)

Amad Rwaidy, the Palestinian Authority’s ambassador to Iraq, said on an October 7, 2023 show on Al-Rashid TV (Iraq) that Israeli civilians are not innocent people, but rather soldiers facilitating the siege on the Gaza Strip. Addressing the Hamas invasion of southern Israel which resulted in hundreds of civilian deaths, he asked how else the people of Gaza were supposed to defend themselves. Rwaidy was appointed in September by PA President Muhammad Abbas.

Amad Rwaidy: "The two-state solution means ending the occupation, holding Israel accountable for its crimes, and taking legal measures against it. The whole world is talking about the Israeli civilians, as if they are innocent. These are not innocent people. They are soldiers who were laying siege to the Gaza Strip, preventing [the passage] of food, water, electricity, and even air. So the people [in Gaza] were under siege. How were they supposed to defend themselves from this siege?"

Presenter: "For every action, there is a reaction."

Rwaidy: "Exactly. Therefore, I say this loud and clear. We are now at difficult times. Our people are subject to an [Israeli] crime."

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