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Aug 16, 2016
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Palestinian Author Yousef Jad Al-Haq: We Can Sacrifice 1-2 Million Arabs a Year to Liberate Palestine

#5680 | 01:43

Palestinian researcher and author Yousef Jad Al-Haq recently rejected the two-state solution and called to conduct organized resistance in order to liberate Palestine "from the [Jordan] River to the [Mediterranean] Sea." Extrapolating the percentages from the birthrate of the Arab nation, he said: "If a million of us die, but we get to liberate Palestine... Well, that's fine by me." Al-Haq was speaking on Syria News TV on August 16.

Followi9ng are excerpts

Yousef Jad Al-Haq: In my view, there can be only one state and not two. If I accepted the two-state solution, I'd be acknowledging that (the Jews) may have a state of their own. How can that be?! Whatever happened to our calls to liberate Palestine "from the River to the Sea"?

Interviewer: What's the alternative?

Yousef Jad Al-Haq: That's fraud and deception.

Interviewer: But what's the alternative? If the Palestinians go on, for thousands of years, about "from the River to the Sea," what's the solution?

Yousef Jad Al-Haq: The solution is to fight. Who can claim to be better than the martyrs? Sir, if we have one million martyrs a year, I guarantee you that...

Interviewer: Doesn't that require organized resistance? Where is the resistance today? This is what I am calling for.

Yousef Jad Al-Haq: The new births in the Arab nation will compensate you with five million babies annually. Our birth rate is 2.5%. This is unparalleled in the whole world. How much is 2.5% out of 300 million? Six or seven million. So if a million or two of us die, but we get to liberate Palestine... Well, that's fine by me. Some people might say that this kind of talk is unsubstantiated, but it's not. There are calculations. The calculations of the states, peoples, and nations say so. When Vietnam sacrificed half of its people - did they say that they don't want to liberate their countries because people might die? no! They decided to liberate, no matter who would be killed and who would survive. We must not make these calculations. We Palestinians must do one thing and one thing only - resistance from the River to the Sea. We must not accept the two-state solution with the Right of Return or negotiations.


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