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Apr 19, 2020
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Pakistani Shiite Scholar: We Will Carry out the Processions Commemorating the Martyrdom of Ali Even if the Whole World Dies of Coronavirus; This Is the Only Way to Fight the Virus

#7956 | 02:17
Source: Online Platforms - "Naqvi on Facebook"

Pakistani Shi'ite scholar Syed Wajahat Hasnain Naqvi said in a video that was uploaded to his Facebook page on April 19, 2020, that the processions commemorating the martyrdom of Ali ibn Abi Talib will be carried out this Ramadan "even if the whole world dies" of coronavirus. Declaring that the virus will run away from wherever the procession passes and that this is the only way to fight the coronavirus, he said that the procession will be joined and protected by the Prophet Muhammad, by the Hidden Imam, by Fatima Az-Zahraa, and by the 125,000 prophets of Islam.


Syed Wajahat Hasnain Naqvi: "The procession [mourning the martyrdom] of Ali ibn Abi Talib will take place, whether it be on the 21st, 19th, or 20th of Ramadan, and wherever it takes place, be it in Nishtar Park, in Mubarak Haveli, in Rawalpindi, or in Multan, from wherever they set out... The mourning for Ali's martyrdom will be organized even if the entire world dies [due to coronavirus]. Epidemics will occur on the gathering on the Day of Judgement. This is our challenge. Wherever the procession of Ali passes by, the virus will keep running away!"


Man 1: "Yes it will. Well said, without a doubt!"


Naqvi: "Behind it will be the Prophet Muhammad, who will circle the mourners [in protection] ... The Hidden Imam will be at the front of the procession, and Fatima Az-Zahraa will [safeguard] us with a ring [of protection]. The procession will be joined by the 125,000 prophets who were comforted by Ali. This virus can only be fought by mourning Ali and by the mourning processions. The leader can run away and organizations can compromise, but [Ali's] mourners will not compromise.




"[Everybody] is helpless, including Germany and the superpower, America. A cure is not being found... We have this flag, which serves as the evergreen doctor for the virus! It is the evergreen doctor for every weakness, disease, virus, and calamity. The one who has the cure is called Abbas, the son of Ali..."

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