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Mar 20, 2019
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PA President Abbas Curses Hamas "Dogs" during Hospital Visit to Fatah Official Beaten Up in Gaza

#7104 | 01:36
Source: Online Platforms - "Mahmoud Abbas on YouTube"

During a Ramallah hospital visit to Fatah Gaza spokesman Atef Abu Saif, PA President Mahmoud Abbas cursed the Hamas "dogs" who allegedly beat him up in Gaza, saying that Hamas "should be thrown into the garbage bin of history." The visit was posted on Abbas' YouTube channel on March 20, 2019.

Following are excerpts:


Mahmoud Abbas: Hello, guys. It's okay, stay there, stay there, Atef. It's okay, stay there. How are you?

Atef Abu Saif: Praise be to Allah…

Mahmoud Abbas: I've come to raise your morale. Get well, get well.

Atef Abu Saif: The people of Gaza are a great people.

Mahmoud Abbas: Yes, by Allah, they are a great people.

Atef Abu Saif: You have been burdened with the hard mission of leadership. May Allah help you.

Mahmoud Abbas: May Allah support the [people of Gaza]. The sacrifices they have made will never be forgotten. Their actions cannot be forgotten. The people of Gaza are the ones who started the revolution, and they should be the ones to bring it to completion, Allah willing. As for [Hamas], they should be thrown into the garbage bin of history.

Doctor: Look, this wound stretches from that side all the way to the other side. He needed eighteen stitches on his head. Look at the blow he received here, on the back of his head. There are some fractures here that do not require any intervention. There is a fracture on this side.




This is extremely swollen. There is pressure on his nerves…

Atef Abu Saif: There were 25 of them. All wearing masks.

Mahmoud Abbas: They can to go hell. Those dogs.

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