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Feb 18, 2018
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Islamic Party of Ontario Leader Jawed Anwar: Public Schools Are Ideological Slaughterhouses for Our Children; Mankind Should Be Guided by Islam, Not Liberalism

#6959 | 02:33
Source: The Internet

Jawed Anwar, the leader of the Islamic Party of Ontario, said during a speech that was uploaded to the Internet on February 18, 2018 that public schools are “spiritual slaughterhouses” at which children learn liberal ideologies instead of facts and God-given guidance. He wondered why Canadians don’t obey God even though Canada is founded on recognition of the supremacy of God and the rule of law, and he wondered why some Muslims support liberal political parties. He said: “We Muslims believe… that Islam provides guidance for both private and public life. The Quran is the latest edition of the Bible, the book of guidance for all mankind.” He also criticized liberals and Canada’s Liberal Party for supporting “Muslims without Islam,” claiming that their solution to Islamophobia is the removal of Islam and its values from schools and society. Anwar delivered the speech at a political event endorsing Doug Ford for the Premier of Ontario.



Following are excerpts:


Jawed Anwar: We believe that public schools are spiritual slaughterhouses for our children. They are not teaching facts and God's guidance. They are teaching liberal ideologies of family and society.




Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law. I wonder: If we recognize the supremacy of God, why don't we obey God? Why don't we take guidance from God?




I always wonder why Muslims support liberals. The Liberal Party is based on the philosophy of liberalism. Liberalism divorces God [from] all matters and all aspects of life. They worship the human desires and lust. We Muslims believe and have faith that Islam provides guidance for both private and public life. The Quran is the latest edition of the bible, the book of guidance for all mankind.




Our liberal friends say that the Liberal Party supports Muslims. We say:  Liberals support Muslims minus Islam, and Muslims without Islam are not Muslims, just like Christians minus the Bible and Jesus are not Christians. They say that they are anti-Islamophobia. We say: You are killing Islam, and it's violence by legislations. [They say that] if there will be no Islam in schools and in society – no values – [then] there will be no Islamophobia. This is how the liberals are dealing with Islamophobia.



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