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Feb 21, 2020
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Omani Legislator and Islamic Scholar Sheikh Zaher Al-Abri: Women Who Use Makeup Become Old Prunes, Get Cancer; Temptress Starlet Marilyn Monroe Warned Women

#7923 | 02:34
Source: Istiqama TV (Oman)

Sheikh Zaher Al-Abri, an Islamic scholar who is a member of the Omani Council of State, said in a February 21, 2020 interview on Istiqama TV (Oman) that it is only permissible for women to expose their palms and their face and he criticized women who beautify themselves with makeup and other methods, claiming that this causes skin diseases, aging of the skin, and even cancer. He said that these women become "old prunes" when they age and that Marilyn Monroe, whom he described as a "temptress starlet," had written a warning to women, in her will, against the Hollywood limelights and against men who are like "predatory wolves" and who want to take advantage of women.


Sheikh Zaher Al-Abri: [The Prophet Muhammad] said that when a woman reaches the age of menstruation, it is not proper for her to reveal anything except for 'this' and 'this', and he pointed at his face and his palms. This is why there is a duty for women to wear permissible and concealing clothes that do not reveal or expose, and that cannot be seen through."


Interviewer: "So women are only allowed to reveal..."


Al-Abri: "...The face and the palms. Despite this, there is such immorality nowadays. They find all kinds of tricks even with regards to women's palms - they use alluring [designs] and colors, and so on. In many cases, these poor women contract diseases as a result of this. Their skin becomes deformed as they grown older. Sometimes, God forbid, they get cancerous tumors, because of all those powders and colors, for which Allah has send down no authority.




"The poor women whom they call upon to not wear the hijab... What do the women gain by revealing their charms and showing off their beauty? Men draw pleasure from them. See what happens to women in those societies when they grow older. They become old prunes because of all the makeup they used to wear. Would anyone give them the time of day? There are memoirs by Marilyn Monroe, Hollywood's temptress starlet. She admitted it. She wrote a will that was found locked up. In the will she warned her fellow women against the limelights of Hollywood, where she appeared in TV shows and films. She was a temptress starlet. I have heard that her grave is visited by her fans and admirers. She warned her fellow women against being taken advantage of by [men] who are like predatory wolves, who want to pounce on their prey and prepare it to be eaten."

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