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Sep 19, 2017
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Oman Deports Indian Cleric Salman Al-Nadwi to Qatar after He Lambasted Saudi King and U.S. President

#6216 | 02:32
Source: Online Platforms

Indian cleric Salman Al-Husain Al-Nadwi was deported from Oman to Qatar following a September 19 lecture in which he attacked the Saudi king and leading Saudi religious scholars for supporting U.S. President Trump. The attack was triggered by an earlier statement by the imam of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, in praise of President Trump. During a lecture at Muscat's Faculty of Islamic Sciences, Sheikh Al-Nadawi called Trump several times a dayyouth – an Arabic word denoting a pimp, or a man who refrains from protecting the honor of his family's womenfolk. He criticized the Saudi monarch for allying with the Americans against Qatar. "The Gulf crisis was inspired by Satan and by Trump," said Al-Nadwi, calling the Americans "murderers, butchers, pimps, and criminals." Excerpts from Nadawi's address were posted on the Internet.

Salman Al-Husain Al-Nadwi: "The American empire was founded on the body parts and corpses of millions of people. This has become the American custom. It is part of their nature. It always devours people's bodies. It kills them. It killed a million Muslims in Afghanistan and about a million in Iraq. In the course of six years, a million Muslims or more were killed in Syria. The Islamic world has become a place of massacres by these murderers, butchers, slayers, and blood-shedders. We must curse them night and day and wash our hands of them. People who ally themselves with them – be it one of the kings of the Two Holy Places [Saudi Arabia] or anyone else – is considered one of them. 'Do not take the Jews and the Christians as allies. They are allies of one another. Whoever is an ally to them among you is one of them.' By Allah, [each of] the rulers who ally themselves with those tyrants is one of them. They will be gathered with them in the Hellfire. This is what the Quran and the Sunna of the Prophet say.


"The Gulf crisis was inspired by Satan, and by that pimp Trump. We know him full well, and so do the Americans. Two thirds of the Americans are against that pimp, that tyrant, that evil criminal. How can [the Land of] the Two Holy Places support that pimp? Is there no more wrath and zeal in the souls of the people? These [American] murderers, butchers, pimps, and criminals should not be allowed anywhere near the Muslim countries, so how can they be allies and lead [Muslim countries] against another Muslim country [i.e. Qatar], just because that country shelters Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Qaradhawi? This is why they united against that country. They are criminals and tyrants. May Allah curse them!"

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