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Feb 23, 2024
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Head Of The Association Of Palestinian Islamic Scholars Abroad Dr. Nawaf Takruri: I Call On Jordanian Youth To Wage Jihad And Fight Israel, Open New Fronts Against It; The Jordanian Army Can Mobilize In Defense Of Palestine

#10908 | 01:56

Dr. Nawaf Takruri, head of the Association of Palestinian Islamic Scholars Abroad, called on Jordanian youth in a February 23, 2024 video posted on Palestinian Islamic Scholars on X (formerly Twitter) to “employ any possible means of Jihad” in order to fight Israel and open new fronts against it. He said that the Jordanian army could mobilize in defense of Palestine.

Dr. Nawaf Takruri: "I say to our people in Jordan: I direct my call especially to you, because Gaza needs you today. I say to my people in Jordan: This is your war. There is an ongoing aggression now against the people of Gaza, and soon it will be directed against you. Therefore, we must be united.

"I call upon you to act and to prevent anything from reaching the Zionist entity through our beloved Jordan. I call upon you to exert pressure in every possible way so that Jordan takes part in supporting our people in Gaza, and providing them – especially in northern Gaza – with water, food, medicine, and shelter. You are capable of doing that. Let Jordan be the way to save our people in Gaza. You are up to the task.

"Moreover, I am calling upon Jordanian youth to employ any possible means of Jihad to fight this enemy, keep it busy, and open new fronts against it. I am not talking about the army, although it would not be strange for the Jordanian army – which we used to call 'the Prophetic army' – to save its brothers and mobilize in order to defend Palestine, which is tantamount to defending Jordan and the neighboring countries. Some of which do not fathom the length of this war. Thus, this is a call for help, my brothers in Jordan, a call for action in every form."

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