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May 15, 2022
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Nakba Day Rally In Ramallah: We Will Return To Haifa, Jaffa, Lod, Ramla, Tiberias, Nazareth, And The Mediterranean Sea

#9567 | 02:16
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

On May 15, 2022, Palestine TV aired a Nakba Day rally that was held in Ramallah. Muhammad Alian, the Chairman of the National Committee for Defending the Right of Return, said at the rally that Yasser Arafat, Sheikh Ahmad Yassin, and the other leaders of Palestinian factions who were killed by Israel, will not be forgotten, and that it is inconceivable that the Palestinians will not return to their land. A young girl holding a ring of keys symbolizing the Palestinian return said that she is from Palestine "in its entirety" and that she has come to convey the message that Palestinians are returning.

Muhammad Alian: "Abu Ammar [Yasser Arafat], Abu Jihad [Khalil Al-Wazir], [Ahmad] Yassin, [Fathi] Shaqaqi, Abu Ali Mustafa, and Abu Jandal [Hazem Ahmad Rayhan Qabha] will never be forgotten. All the martyrs of Palestine will not be forgotten. The blood that is spilled every day in the land of Palestine will not be forgotten.

"I noticed a young girl carrying a bunch of keys [to homes abandoned in 1948] from the moment she got on stage. This is the one about whom the Zionists said: 'The old will die and the young will forget.' What is your name?"

Lian Ayman Qabha: "Lian Ayman Qabha."

Alian: "Where are you from?"

Qabha: "I am from Palestine in its entirety. I am from Jenin of steadfastness, the Jenin of revolution... I am from Haifa, Jaffa, Dir Yassin, I am from Palestine in its entirety."

Alian: "Why did you come here?"

Qabha: "I came to commemorate the 74th anniversary of the Nakba and our banishment. I came to deliver a message to the whole world: We will never forget, we are returning, and we will remain as long as olive trees and thyme remain."

Alian: "Thank you. With these [children], it is conceivable that we will not return to Haifa, Lod, Ramla, Tiberias, Nazareth, to all our Palestinian cities, to our lands, and to our sea the longs for us?"

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