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Jun 14, 2004
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Muhammad Dahlan on Palestinian Leadership

#123 | 01:37
Source: Dream TV (Egypt)

Former Palestinian National Security Advisor, Muhammad Dahlan, was interviewed on the privately owned Egyptian channel Dream2 and talked about corruption in PA circles. Following are excerpts from his comments:

Moderator: Minister, you said that the "corruption lobby" in the PA is bigger than anything and you accused it of corrupting your relations with President Arafat. What did you mean?

Dahlan: I referred to some members of the Central Committee and some officials who cost the Palestinian people at least $50,000 a month, without serving it at all. Those were precisely whom I meant.

Moderator: They get a monthly salary of $50,000?

Dahlan: No, I said that is what they cost the Palestinian people.

Moderator: Who are they?

Dahlan: I cannot name names.

Moderator: Are they PA members?

Dahlan: Of course, they are PA members and they call us the "America gang." In other words, if you don't agree to their continued thieving ? you are suspect, and if you want to fix it ? you are accused, and if you call for democracy and elections ? you get sued. This is the regime that this group has tried to impose, through force and accusations, on President Arafat and on us, but I personally have objected?

Moderator: Minister, is it possible that what you described as the "corruption lobby" does not want reform and is inciting President Arafat to oppose the reforms?

Dahlan: That is absolutely correct, and I would further say ? these people do not want the Israeli occupation to end.

Moderator: Really?

Dahlan: Absolutely. Moreover, I believe some leaders don't want President Arafat to be released from the Muqata'a because they treat him as a money storeroom. They take some monopolies from him and he maintains them.

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