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Mar 01, 2024
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Mufti Muhammad Ibn Muneer In Queens, NY Friday Sermon: You Have The Nerve To Use The 'Supposed' Star Of David, But Have Nothing To Do With King David, Solomon, Or Moses; You Are Evil, You Lust For Blood, Murder; You Are Good At Lies, Bribery, And Playing The Victim; ‘Oh Allah, Support Those Who Wage Jihad For Your Sake, Guide Their Shooting'

#10931 | 01:52
Source: Online Platforms - "Hadith Disciple on YouTube"

Mufti Muhammad Ibn Muneer, the Imam of the Masjid on the Van Wyck, in Queens, New York said in his March 1, 2024 Friday sermon, which was streamed live on Hadith Disciple on YouTube that people who attribute themselves to David have nothing to do with David. He said that they "have the nerve" to use the "supposed" Star of David, yet they have nothing to do with King David, King Solomon, or Moses. Ibn Muneer said that these people have the lust for blood, slaughtering, murder and manipulation. He added that they are evil, "everything about your existence is evil." Ibn Muneer continued to say that they are fraudulent and "everything about your state and your existence is fraudulent." He added that they are good at telling lies, bribing and playing the victim. Later on in his sermon, he supplicated to Allah to support the mujahideen and "guide their shooting." Mufti Ibn Muneer gave his sermon while leaning on a sword.

Mufti Muhammad Ibn Muneer: "Every single opportunity they get to kill someone, they kill someone. Every single opportunity. And they have the nerve to have a supposed Star of David, and supposedly attribute themselves to David. David has nothing to do with you. Solomon has nothing to do with you.

"You have nothing to with David. You have nothing to do with Solomon. You have blood lust. You lust for slaughtering and murdering of people, and the manipulation of people. You are evil. Everything about your existence is evil. You deny, you lie, you twist. Of course you always have the ace of spades, which is the victim card.

"[Israelis say]: 'We were afraid of a bunch of hungry, starving people in flip-flops, so we let loose on them.' Lust for blood and for murder, God help us... So you have nothing to do with David and Musa, these beautiful, wonderful prophets and messengers. You have nothing to do with them, you are fraudulent. Everything about your state and your existence is fraudulent, but you are very good at telling lies, you are very good at bribing and controlling people, and playing the victim.


"You cry and you boo-hoo, and the number of people that you have slain and killed exceeds the thousands. How perverse is that?


"Oh Allah, support those who wage Jihad for Your sake. Oh Allah, guide their shooting, make their feet firm, Oh Allah, Disperse their enemies, Oh Allah, shake the earth beneath their feet."

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