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Jun 16, 2016
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Montreal Imam Wael Al-Ghitawi: A Woman Must Not Refuse Her Husband When He Summons Her to Bed; Must Not Leave the House Without His Permission

#5916 | 02:51
Source: Online Platforms - "Alrahma Qanat on YouTube"

In a lecture posted on the YouTube channel of Montreal’s Al-Andalous Islamic Center on June 17, 2016, Canadian Imam Wael Al-Ghitawi discussed the wife’s obligations toward her husband in accordance with Islam. Al-Ghitawi said that she must not refuse her husband's conjugal rights and must not leave the house without his permission. He cited a hadith according to which the Prophet Muhammad said that "if [a husband] has a boil oozing pus, anywhere from head to toe, the wife will not be doing him full justice even if she licks it clean."


Wael Al-Ghitawi: "In the hadith compilation of Imam Ahmad (ibn Hanbal) it says: 'No human being should bow down before another human being, but if this were allowed, I would have ordered women to bow down before their husbands, because of the magnitude of the husband's rights over his wife. By Allah, if (a husband) has a boil oozing pus, anywhere from head to toe, the wife will not be doing him full justice even if she licks it clean.' This is no trivial matter. These are the words of the Prophet Muhammad. Some people might find it difficult to stomach this hadith. I mean, if a man has a boil, does his wife really need to lick it? I am not saying that she must lick it. But the Prophet Muhammad demonstrated the magnitude of the husband's rights over his wife by saying that even if she licks the boil, she would not be doing him full justice.




"Another of the husband's rights is not to be refused when he summons his wife to bed. If the husband wants her, she must consent, in order to protect his faith from the temptations that lurk everywhere.




"The wife must not refuse her husband when he summons her to bed, as long as she is able, and does not suffer from any mental or physical condition preventing this, like menstruation or post-natal bleeding, in which case she may refrain from doing so. But even in such cases, the husband may enjoy her, avoiding the vagina. In order for both husband and wife to avoid Allah's curses, the wife must obey her husband and fulfill his needs, or else the angels will curse her and the Lord's wrath will be upon her.




"The (husband) has another right over his wife: She must not go out of the house without his permission. This is the husband's right according to the shari'a. What about the state law? I am not talking about that now. You are a woman who married according to the shari'a, so if your husband tells you not to leave the house--don't leave the house! 'How come he's allowed to prevent me?' you ask...Just don't leave the house! That's one of his rights. Allah granted him this right. So don't leave the house without his permission!"

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