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May 24, 2017
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Former Iraqi MP Mithal Al-Alusi: Iraq Ruled by Iran’s Militia Gangs; ISIS Arab-Made; Trump a Million Times Better than "Catastrophe" Obama

#6071 | 02:43
Source: Baghdad TV (Iraq)

In a May 24 TV interview, former Iraqi MP Mithal Al-Alusi said that Iraq was ruled by Iran’s militias and that ISIS was "Arab-made," with "clear assistance from Mr. Erdoğan's Turkish government." He called to adhere to human rights in Iraq, asking: "Why must the prime minister be a Shiite man with a moustache?" Asked by the Baghdad TV interviewer about Trump, he said that he liked him "a million times more than Obama," who, he said was a "catastrophe" who sold Iraq out to Iran.


Mithal Al-Alusi: "We are not an Islamic state. Let everybody hear this. If it makes people angry, that's their problem. We are not an 'Arab' state either. Our country is called 'Iraq.' We existed before the advent of the Prophet Muhammad, and before the Arabs. Iraq is much greater and more ancient than all of this. This is my first point."


Interviewer: "Right."


Mithal Al-Alusi: My second point is that Iraq has a diversity of religions and origins. My third point, and the most important one, is that we adhere to human rights and women's rights, we will surpass Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Iran, and all those regimes in which a person has no value.




"Why is it that only a Shiite can become a prime minister in Iraq? Is Iraq your private property, or what?! What if I want a Yazidi PM? What if I want a nice Christian woman, a competent one, as a prime minister? Why must the prime minister be a Shiite man with a moustache? I cannot accept this. Iraq cannot accept this."


Interviewer: "So what does Iraq want, in your opinion?"


Mithal Al-Alusi: "How come only a Sunni can be the parliamentary speaker? Isn't it time to throw away these delusions and lies?




"In Iraq today, we have no political state or regime."


Interviewer: "What do we have then?"


Mithal Al-Alusi: "It is ruled by gangs."


Interviewer: "Gangs?"


Mithal Al-Alusi: "Of course. A government that defends itself with tanks is not a government. Today, Baghdad is ruled by a militia. The PM, the Minister of Defense, the Interior Minister…"


Interviewer: "The militias rule Iraq today?"


Mithal Al-Alusi: "Of course."


Interviewer: "Whose militias?"


Mithal Al-Alusi: "Iran's. Who else?"




"The Arabs support ISIS. ISIS is Arab-made. It was not created by Iran, America, or Israel."


Interviewer: "This is a serious accusation."


Mithal Al-Alusi: "No, it’s the reality. It was the Arabs who helped the creation of ISIS, with clear assistance from Mr. Erdogan's Turkish government."




Interviewer: "Do you like Trump?"


Mithal Al-Alusi: "A million times more than Obama. Obama destroyed us. He sold us out to Iran. Obama gave some of the rulers in Baghdad carte blanche to do whatever they wanted. That's why Obama was a catastrophe."

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