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Mar 11, 2024
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Michigan Islamic Scholar Ahmad Musa Jibril: There Can Be No Permanent Peace Treaty With Jews, Infidels Because It Cancels Out Jihad; When Muslims Get Stronger, The Treaty Is Over

#10952 | 02:50
Source: Online Platforms - "Ahmad Jibril on X"

Michigan Islamic scholar Ahmad Musa Jibril discussed the "ruling on normalization treaties" in the first of a series of lectures posted on March 11, 2024 on Shaykh Ahmad Musa Jibril on X (formerly known as Twitter) in honor of the month of Ramadan. In the lecture he said that there can be no permanent treaties between Muslims and the infidels and that when the Muslims grow strong and feel it is beneficial, then they must inform the enemy that "this treaty has come to an end." He said that the Prophet Muhammad "dismissed" the treaty of Hudaybiyyah, once it was merely rumored that the Jewish tribe had killed one of his Companions. Jibril continued: "It was war until the death of every last one of them."

He said that the purpose of normalization with Israel is to "Judaize" the minds of the Muslims. The lecture was also posted on other social media accounts associated with Ahmad Musa Jibril. Ahmad Musa Jibril served six and a half years in prison for conspiracy, fraud, money laundering, and possession of firearms and ammunition. He is considered to be the inspiration for several Jihad attacks and initiatives in the West.

Ahmad Musa Jibril: "The term "normalization" itself, that's a term used for the so-called peace treaties with the Jews. It is a term used to manipulate terminology in order to deceive the Islamic nation to cover up the crime and danger behind what they are doing.


"The purpose of normalization is not a simple truce from fighting, its purpose and goal is to Judaize the minds of the Muslims. It is to snatch disavowal from the Jews, specifically - and infidels in general - from the hearts of the Muslims.


"[These] are treated that aid the Jews against Muslims in general, but specifically Muslims who want to liberate Muslim holy lands, and live under the shari'a of Allah.


"When Muslims in Gaza are being actively massacred - it is one of the basic rules of Loyalty and Disavowal that every Muslim must give their full loyalty to the Muslim women, men, and children there.


"What did the Messenger do when there was any type of hostility against Muslims from those he had treaties with? What did the Messenger do when the Jews or Quraysh merely attempted to betray him?


"When it was rumored that they killed Uthman, in the midst of the negotiations over the treat of Hudaybiyyah - it was just one man, not a genocide – without preparation and barely any weapons, the treaty of Hudaybiyyah was going to be dismissed, and it was war until the death of every last one of them. One Companion, one man, not a continuous ongoing genocide.


"There can never be a permanent [peace] treaty with the infidels because it cancels out jihad.


"If it doesn't have a deadline, it can't be lazimat al-ta'abid, meaning it can't be forever. Yes, a treaty may not mention [if it is for] ten years, four months, or five years – it is open-ended, but that doesn't mean it is forever. It can't be forever. When Muslims get stronger and it is a benefit for the Muslims, they inform the enemy this treaty has come to an end."

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