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Oct 27, 2006
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Member of Iranian Assembly of Experts Ahmad Khatami in Tehran Friday Sermon: The Republicans in the U.S. Are in a Crisis; Sanctions on Iran Will Harm the West More than Iran

#1306 | 08:06
Source: Channel 1 (Iran)

Following are excerpts from a Friday sermon delivered in Tehran by Ahmad Khatami, member of the Iranian Assembly of Experts. The sermon aired on Channel 1, Iranian TV on October 27, 2006.

Ahmad Khatami: The coming days will be very sensitive and fateful days the Americans. November 7 is the day of elections for the American Congress, and these elections will, in fact, also determine the fate of the U.S. presidential elections.


The fact that Bush says: "My patience has run out," and the fact that within a month, about 100 of their [soldiers] are killed, show the extent of the crisis of the Republicans in America. It seems that in the days to come, as in the past, they will use several tactics.

First, they are trying to shake off their responsibility, or, in other words, to blame others for the problems they themselves have created and spread. In the course of the occupation, according to their own statements, 600,000 Iraqis were killed. So who is responsible for the killing of these 600,000, if not the presence of the occupiers? After all, there are ramifications for all these things. You reap what you sow. Do not blame others for your problems. When some American official says that Iran and Syria are interfering [in Iraq], this constitutes denial of your own responsibility, and will not bring you any relief from your pain. Relief from your pain will only come when you leave Iraq unconditionally.

Crowd: Allah Akbar

Allah Akbar

Khamenei is the leader

Death to those who oppose the rule of the jurisprudent

Death to America

Death to England

Death to the hypocrites (Mojahedin-e Khalq) and Saddam

Death to Israel

Ahmad Khatami: Secondly, in the Islamic world... They are trying to make the Islamic world lose sight of its true enemies - America and the Zionists. In Lebanon, Iraq, and Palestine, the Americans are trying to generate conflict among the peoples to replace the people's conflict with America and the Zionists. They are trying to generate conflict among the people in Palestine, and to generate conflicts between sects, nationalities, and races in Iraq. It is the same in Lebanon, and sadly, we must admit that some of the Lebanese politicians are not aware of the enormity of the plot. Everyone must be aware that under these conditions, what prevents the enemy from achieving its goal is the people's unity in face of the main enemy.

Third, the Americans are trying to act in a hypocritical manner. On the face of it, they support the Iraqi administration, but they are secretly working to weaken the people's government. This is an act of hypocrisy. On the face of it, they shout anti-terrorism slogans, but they secretly sit down to negotiate with the terrorists, and say to them: "Kill Iranians, kill Shiites." They say these things secretly, but unequivocally. On the face of it, the reason for it is the war on terrorism. They kill 90 innocent people in Afghanistan – children, youth, women, and men. These are very extremist groups, but we have reliable information that they [the Americans] are sitting with these extremist groups, and are planning to reach agreements with them. They intend to give parts of Afghanistan to these extremist, narrow-minded groups. This two-faced behavior is a warning sign to all the governments that have bound their fate with America. They should know this is America. On the very day that America achieves its interests, it will sacrifice you all.

Crowd: Death to America

Death to America

Death to America

Death to America

Ahmad Khatami: Fourth, the Americans are trying... After suffering a bitter defeat at the beginning of the Islamic Revolution, when it presented this revolution as a danger to the neighboring countries in the region, they are trying to spread that same satanic rumor again. The American secretary of state came to the region to spread these satanic [rumors]. She wants to say to our neighboring countries: "Iran constitutes a threat, as you saw in Lebanon." The events [in Lebanon] were indeed supported by Iran, but Iran did not give Hizbullah any weapons. Allah be praised, they have managed things themselves. The [Americans] intimidate the neighboring countries.


Our neighbors should know that Iran can help them. Our neighbors should know that an Islamic Iran will rush to help them in a crisis, like a big brother. But America only wants to plunder their oil and their resources.

The fifth point is that they want, at any price, to strip Iran of its inalienable right to nuclear power. This is as clear as daylight.


The resolutions of the gangs in the Security Council are so unreasonable, illogical, and baseless that the free peoples of the world do not attribute even the slightest importance to them.


If you wish to impose sanctions on us... You imposed sanctions on us for 27 years, and what did you gain? The results of your 27-year-long sanctions were that our fertile youth reached the peak of independence in the nuclear field. If you impose sanctions upon us again, this is what you will get. You will be harmed by these sanctions more than Iran. Give up these games, and know that your interests lie in what Islamic Iran suggests to you.

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