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Apr 18, 2020
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Iranian Man Arrested for Publishing Advertisement for Camel Urine as Cure for Coronavirus, Lung Problems, Cancer

#7963 | 03:44

Mehdi Sabili, who presented himself as the Head of the Al-Sadiq Medical Association for Science and Education, said in a video that was uploaded to his Instagram account on April 18, 2020 that camel urine is a cure for coronavirus and other lung problems, and that it can also prevent and cure cancer. Drinking a glassful of camel urine, Sabili said that there is evidence in Islamic tradition that camel urine has been used as a medicine for lung problems, and he invited viewers to stay at the camel farm so that they can consume camel urine three times a day while it is still "fresh and warm." On April 22, the Young Journalists Club (Iran) published a report that said that Sabili has been arrested for "upsetting the public opinion." A traditional medicine expert from Tehran University and a senior Police officer told the reporter that Sabili's claims were unfounded and that Sabili does not have any expertise in classical or traditional medicine, and Sabili apologized to the Iranian people, admitting that he has not conducted any research about coronavirus.

Mehdi Sabili: "Hello. I hope you are feeling great. I am here today to present to you the best medicine for coronavirus and for other lung problems. The medicine is in here. Look at the camel and how it was created! In here. You will find the best medicine for your lungs, for asthma problems, and even for the coronavirus, which has caused a mess in the world. This is found deep in our tradition. Somebody came to [the Sixth Imam, Ja'far] Al-Sadiq and said: 'I can't breathe when I try to come to your house, I must sit down several times along the way.' Imam Al-Sadiq responded: 'Use camel urine. It will easily cure this.' The man responded: 'I drank camel urine and was cured the same day!'

"Since we’re already here next to these camels, I want to drink some camel urine, so that I don't have any problems. Because of the pollution in the city, the lead in Tehran, and other problems, we have problems in our lungs. Mr. Mojtaba is with us, he's pouring me some of this urine... Thank you very much. You should come here for three days... Yes, I hope you will find it tasty... You should come here for three days and use this urine three times daily. The [camels] have urine in the mornings. You can take it and use it. It is ideal to [drink it] when it is fresh and warm... Despite all the difficulties with this, it is excellent.

"There are many traditions about camel urine. You would be interested to know that one of the research... whoa! A research center in America found that camel urine can prevent and cure cancer. The same is true for camel milk. There are traditions that it is a medicine for all diseases, and that camel urine is a medicine for lung diseases. It can even cure heart problems. That was just a bit of information about camel urine. It has many other properties.

"You would be interested to know that came urine is not one of the substances that causes ritual impurity, and neither is goat urine. The public needs to know this. Sometimes people worry that it causes impurity. This is not the case! It is not impure at all. God has created a cure for every disease. God is capable of making camel urine the cure that can solve your worst problems."


Reporter: "[This] clip was posted by a man who presented himself as an expert in traditional medicine, and it caused a great stir in the virtual space."

Sabili: "It is ideal to [drink it] when it is fresh and warm..."

Reporter: "This clip ran counter to the values of traditional medicine."

Amir Hooman Kazemi: "Statements that do not make any sense, that do not have any real-world basis, and that are made in the name of science, should not be paid attention to by the dear public."

Reporter: "The man who posted this clip has been arrested for upsetting the public opinion."

Sabili: "I have not conducted any effective research regarding the coronavirus, and I apologize to the dear public of my country."

Reporter: "A police investigation revealed that not only does this man have no medical expertise, but that he also has no expertise in traditional medicine."

General Ali Zolghadri: "He does not have the necessary expertise, nor does he have a classical certification."

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