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Feb 19, 2022
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Lebanese TV Show Claims Jews, Israelis Control The Media: This Enemy Infiltrates Our Culture, Societies, And Systems Of Morality

#9407 | 02:42
Source: Mayadeen TV (Lebanon)

In a February 18, 2022 show on Mayadeen TV (Lebanon), show host Yahya Abu Zakariya said that Jews own half of the world's media, including influential Arab TV channels, and that Western platforms bankroll films that call for "Arab-Israeli love," for outlawing "the resistance," and that support homosexuality and pedophilia. Sheikh Muhammad Khidr, the head of the Islamic Forum for Da'wa and Dialogue, claimed that the Israeli Radio and Television Law talks about broadcasting Arabic programs outside Israel "in order to achieve the goals of Zionism and defend the Israeli policy of settlement, Judaization, and all the violent acts of war carried out by Israel." He said: "This enemy infiltrates into our culture, our societies, and our moral system."

Yahya Abu Zakariya: "How can we protect our situation when the Western platforms that invade our cultural and artistic scene bankroll films calling for normalization, Arab-Israeli love, the outlawing of the resistance, supporting homosexuality and pedophilia, and everything that goes against the general Arab and the Islamic traditions?


"Why do we seem helpless and incapable of producing sublime artistic works that would serve our cultural values and bolster our national identity?


"You can see that wealthy Jews spend money on the media. I can give you the names of Jews who own half of the world's media. They have even bought half of the Arab media. Some of the influential Arab TV channels are owned by Jews. 50% of their capital. Where are the wealthy Muslims? It's sad."

Sheikh Muhammad Khidr: "In validation of what you just said, I bumped into Article 3 of the Israeli Radio and Television Law. It states, in short, that 'the goals of the Israeli media in all areas is to highlight the Zionist character of Israel.' Then it says: '...in addition to broadcasting programs in Arabic outside of Israel, in order to achieve the goals of Zionism, and defend the Israeli policy of settlement, Judaization, and all the violent acts of war carried out by Israel.' With this in mind, I would like to add to what you have said that we do not want to pin all our problems on conspiracy theories, I fear that we are inclined to giving this arrogant enemy a clean bill of health. This enemy infiltrates into our culture, our society, and our moral systems, and we say that the only problem is our emptiness."

Abu Zakariya: "Let me play the devil's advocate. Have you heard in the Israeli discourse any dispute between Ashkenazi Jews and Sephardic Jews? In the Islamic TV Channels, you have Sunnis, Shiites, Ibadis, Zaydis, people accusing one another of heresy, 'You go to hell, and we go to Heaven...' We are mentally ill. Why not admit that?"

Khidr "True. That is the reality. This is why Ben-Gurion said in the past: 'The media founded our state, and helped us gain international legitimacy.'"

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