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Mar 01, 2024
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Masked 'People's Protection Committees' Patrol Rafah Markets Carrying Batons And Rifles; Customers Complain About Traders Exploiting The War To Raise Prices

#10936 | 02:16
Source: Euroenews (France)

A Euronews report from March 1, 2024 shows the "People's Protection Committees" patrolling Rafah markets. The men, who are masked and armed with batons or rifles, say that they are helping the police. They said that they "are coming" for anyone who causes trouble, raises prices, has a monopoly, steals, plunders, or deals in hashish. A woman complained that she is quoted different prices for products by different sellers. She said that some people purchase a certain item in the supermarket "for 20 NIS, and sell it for 70 or 80."

Member of the People's Protection Committees: "We are the men of the People's Protection Committees. We are helping the police in this area. Anyone who has a monopoly, raises prices – we are coming for him with fire and brimstone. People who steal, plunder, deal in hashish, cause trouble – we are coming for them."


Woman: "When I buy things, one person tells me one price, and another a different price. Why? Are we living in a foreign country? They buy a product at the supermarket for 20 NIS, and sell it for 70 or 80."

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