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Feb 02, 2024
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Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim: We Will Increase Our Support For UNRWA; Even If The Accusations Against UNRWA Are True, Its Funding Cannot Be Stopped

#10858 | 02:03
Source: Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim said in a February 24, 2024 interview that aired on Al-Jazeera Network [Qatar] that his county would increase its support for UNRWA. He said that even if the accusations against UNRWA are true, the funding of the organization must not be stopped. Ibrahim said that the U.S. is being hypocritical by forming a coalition to fight the Houthis in Yemen, the "poorest country in the world." He said that the problem is with the "Israeli aggression," not the Houthis, so the U.S. should send money to feed the people of Gaza, instead of spending billions of dollars to attack the Houthis.

Anwar Ibrahim: "There is a massacre happening in Gaza, and they are focusing on technicalities [regarding UNRWA]. We see people are dying and being killed, and they are focusing on technicalities, and stopping the funding on the basis of this. Even is these accusations are true, the funding of UNRWA cannot be stopped. In Malaysia, not only will we continue our support [of UNRWA], we will increase it.

"We see that the strongest power in the world formed a coalition to fight the poorest country in the world. Why? In order to allow the Israelis to continue their genocide against the Palestinians. Isn’' this hypocrisy? What is the solution? The solution is to stop the Israeli aggression and genocide, and then everything will certainly stop. As a ruler, I do not condone any attempt to attack any civilians, but the problem doesn’t start with the Houthis. It starts with the Israeli aggression. Stop the root cause, and you will resolve the problem. Instead of spending billions of dollars to attack the Houthis, you can send a billion dollar extra to give food for the people of Gaza."  

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