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Oct 16, 2023
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London-Based Iraqi Shi'ite Scholar Sheikh Amir Al-Quraishi Criticizes The Palestinians For Their Reaction To Hamas's Attack On Israel: Only Idiots Would Be Happy Without Realizing That They Themselves Will Pay The Price

#10560 | 01:48

London-based Iraqi Shi'ite scholar Sheikh Amir Al-Quraishi criticized the people who were pleased with the October 7 attack on Israel and condoned it, in an October 16, 2023 video posted on YouTube. He said that these "idiots" were happy for two hours, but then they had to face the consequences when Israel retaliated, and innocent people were killed. Al-Quraishi called this behavior stupid, childish, and ignorant, and he added: "They do not care. This is their religion." He said that the Palestinians will pay the price, while the Sunnis in Iraqi and the Gulf states "press the like button."

Al-Quraishi: "Those foolish [Palestinian] organizations – only idiots are pleased with them and condone their deeds? The idiots are happy, and they are rejoicing and crying: 'Oh Allah, praise be to Allah! May Allah bless you!' You are happy for an hour or two, or for three hours, because [you attacked] a country that possesses advanced weapons, the kind of which you will never have.

"Who will pay the price for this? The innocent people. They will send at you their F-16s, F-15s, F-38s, F-39s, all the Fs... They will kill innocent people, after you were happy for two hours, posting videos online, yelling: 'Allah be praised! Allah Akbar!' It's all rubbish. This is stupid childish behavior… Not childish. Ignorant behavior. They do not care. This is their religion. They are happy for an hour or two, but they, when they are hit on their head with a shoe, they start crying: 'Oh Palestine, no harm should befall you! Guys, look at all the innocent people...' Who is responsible for this?


"You [Palestinians] will pay the price. Nobody else will. The Sunnis of Iraq and the Gulf states are only good for 'likes.' They press the 'like' button, and say: 'May Allah bless you and give you patience.' You will pay the price. You will be torn to pieces."


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