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Feb 26, 2015
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Libyan PM Abdullah Al-Thani: We Cannot Rely upon the Jews and Christians of the West

#4816 | 01:50
Source: Al-Arabiya Network (Dubai/Saudi Arabia)

In an Al-Arabiya TV interview, Abdullah Al-Thani, prime minister of the Tobruk government in Libya, said that Arab countries were being targeted by "a big conspiracy" of the West and that "they want us to be trampled underfoot."

Following are excerpts from the interview, which aired on February 26, 2015.

Abdullah Al-Thani: All Arab countries are being targeted by a big conspiracy, as demonstrated by what is happening in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Mali. The purpose of this conspiracy is to shatter Arab capabilities, to form all kinds of entities, and to tear the Arab nation apart. This serves the interests of a certain country, and we all know which.


Interviewer: You mean a country in this region?

Abdullah Al-Thani: Yes.


Such is the policy of the West. We Arabs always rely on the West out of a belief that it may be honest and helpful, but Allah said: "Never will the Jews and the Christians be pleased with you, until you follow their religion." Unless we are resolute in departing from what is being schemed, we will never be allowed to buy weapons. They want us to be trampled underfoot.

Interviewer: Are things so bad that you choose such harsh language?

Abdullah Al-Thani: Absolutely, absolutely.

Any man of honor with an independent vision with perspective, who refuses to be manipulated by remote control, is deemed [by the West] to be persona non grata.


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