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Apr 19, 2021
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Lebanese Lawyer Bushra Khalil: Lebanon's Foreign Debt Is All Because Of The Rothschilds; Enmity Towards Israel Is In Lebanon's Best Interest

#8809 | 02:06
Source: The Internet - "Bel Moubasher on YouTube"

Lebanese lawyer Bushra Khalil said that Lebanon's foreign debt is all because of the Rothschilds and that global Zionism and America had supported Rafic Hariri, former Lebanese Prime Minister who was assassinated in 2005. She made her remarks in an interview that was posted on Bel Moubashar, a Lebanese YouTube Channel, on April 19, 2021. Khalil said that it is not in Lebanon's interest to sign the Deal of Century, even if all the other Arab countries do so, because Israel and Lebanon are competing for the same role in the region. She explained that enmity with Israel is in Lebanon's best interest, because if there would be normalization, Haifa would replace Beirut as the main port city, Israeli banks would replace Lebanese banks, and Israel would supply the region with transit and tourism services. Khalil elaborated that the Arabs "love and trust" the Jews because they keep their money in Jewish owned banks in Switzerland, adding: "Jews are the banking masters." Bushra Khalil was one of Saddam Hussein's defense lawyers. For more information about Bushra Khalil, see MEMRI TV clip no. 1365.

Bushra Khalil: "America had brought all the corrupt [politicians] and supported them – from Riad Salameh and onward…"

Interviewer: "Yes."

Khalil: "Even Rafic Hariri – America was his main supporter. It wasn't just Saudi Arabia. America and the Zionists supported Rafic Hariri."

Interviewer: "The Zionists too?"

Khalil: "Yes, global Zionism.  Absolutely. I am convinced that this is how it has been, since 1988."

Interviewer: "You are convinced, but do you have any evidence?"

Khalil: "Rafic Hariri's entire policy constitutes my evidence. What about our foreign debt? It is all because of the Rothschilds and their policies. Their policy is to control sovereign decision by drowning countries in debt."


Khalil: "Even if the Arabs sign the Deal of the Century, this is not in our interest. Lebanon and Israel are like two people competing for the same job, and do not know how to do anything else."

Interviewer: "Yes."

Khalil: "If all the Arabs reconcile with Isarel, Lebanon will no longer fulfill any capacity for the Arab countries. All the transit trade that used to pass through Lebanon, would go through Haifa. The activity at the Port of Beirut would go to Haifa. The banking activity that took a hit in Lebanon would go to Haifa, Tel Aviv, and the rest of Israel, because the Jews are the banking masters. The Arabs love and trust them because all their money is held in Jewish (owned) banks in Switzerland. Lebanon's role as a country that provides services, welcomes tourism, offers transit services, and banking secrecy… Israel would replace Lebanon in all of these capacities. So we have no interest in the Deal of the Century and in normalization of relations with Israel. Our only interest lies in enmity with Israel. Even if it wasn't a regional, historical enmity, and all that story… we have an interest in this enmity."

Interviewer: "Yes."

Khalil: "Our interest, as Lebanese, is to turn out back 180 degrees to Israel."

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