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Oct 08, 2022
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Lebanese Academic Hassan Jouni On Hizbullah TV: The Zionists Created Hitler In Order To Intimidate The Jews Into Immigration To Palestine

#9881 | 02:17
Source: Al-Manar TV (Lebanon)

Lebanese academic Hassan Jouni claimed on an October 8, 2022 show on Al-Manar TV (Hizbullah-Lebanon) that the Zionists created Hitler in order to scare the Jews into immigrating to Palestine. He said that the Zionists wanted to increase the percentage of Jews living in Palestine but could only convince the Jews to leave Germany through “demographic engineering,” by threats of a massacre. Jouni also claimed that the Americans, along with the Zionists, “ignited” World War II, which destroyed Europe, “so that the Americans could come and rebuild it.” For more information about Hassan Jouni, a professor of international relations at Beirut University, and similar claims that he has made in the past, see MEMRITV clips nos. 9806, 8961, 7138, and 3754.

Hassan Jouni: "The Americans and the Zionist movement wanted to ignite war in Europe. How can this be done? By bringing in fascists.

"So they brought Hitler. Hitler was Zionist-made. Some people may find this strange, but Hitler was Zionist-made. He provided two services to the Zionist movement and the Americans. First, he provided the service of escalating and igniting war in Europe. He destroyed Europe, so that the Americans could come and rebuild it.


"They wanted to fill Palestine, where the Jews constituted only 5-6% of the population. They wanted the Jews to be 30-40% of the population there. How can you bring Jews to Palestine? A Jew who had a company in Germany or a shop there for 200-300 years..."

Interviewer: "By frightening them..."

Jouni: "You can do two things, which we call 'demographic engineering,' when we teach our students – either famine or massacres that threaten their lives.


"How can you bring Jews from Germany?"

Interviewer: "You could tell them that life in Palestine is better than in Germany."Jouni: "They would not come. Life in Palestine was not better. You need to say to them: 'In Germany, there is someone who wants to slaughter you. Run away. Hitler is coming to burn you.' Like I've said to you, one runs away from a massacre or a famine. there was no famine, so Hitler came and served them well. This is why we consider Hitler to be Israeli-made.

"If not for Hitler, the Jews would not have come. In addition, there was the Haavara Agreement. You can look it up. It was signed in 1933 between Hitler and the Zionist Federation. This agreement stated that every Jew leaving Germany would be paid for the home or company he left in Germany. How did it work? The Jew would arrive in Haifa on a boat, and the German consulate opened an office at the port, and they would pay every Jew who came so he can buy a home or get settled."

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