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May 23, 2017
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Lebanese Researcher Rafik Nasrallah: Arabs Should Stop Procreating So That We Become Extinct; We Are a Nation Unworthy of Being Alive (Archival)

#7432 | 01:56
Source: Al-Jadid/New TV (Lebanon)

Rafik Nasrallah, the Director of the Lebanese International Center of Media and Research, said in a May 23, 2017 interview on Al-Jadeed TV that the Arab world has entered a "period of historic stupidity" and that U.S. President Trump is deceiving the Arabs. He sarcastically called upon Arabs to stop having sex so that they would stop procreating and so that they will be extinct in 20 years, because they have proven themselves to be a nation unworthy of being alive.


Rafik Nasrallah: Become American because America is looming on the horizon, and become Jewish, because Judaism is looming on the horizon.

Interviewer: Will this be allowed to happen?

Rafik Nasrallah: You have just reminded me of a song by Umm Kulthum: “The niqab has fallen off the faces and the true nature of Satan has been revealed.” That’s  it.  Everything is very clear now. We have entered a period of historic stupidity. This stupidity developed in 1916 in the McMahon-Hussein Correspondence, when Britain deceived Sharif Hussein [Ibn Ali] by telling him that it would recognize a united and independent Arab state if the Arabs supported it against the Turks. Britain then reneged on that and signed the Sykes-Picot Agreement. Now Trump, the “Prophet’s saintly companion,” carried out this fraud, and we, the Arabs, have proven that we are still… Like I told you… We are in a place between savages and beasts. We are right in the middle. We cannot leave the area of the savages, and we cannot… We are nothing but riffraff at this point in history.

Interviewer: If this is how we start today, where will we end up?

Rafik Nasrallah: Yes, absolutely. It turns out that… I hereby call to end Arab procreation. Stop procreating. In 20 years, we will become extinct, and the Arabs will vanish from this map. I hereby call upon the men to stop having sex with their wives so that we will no longer be procreating, because we are a nation unworthy of being alive.





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