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Sep 12, 2023
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Palestinian Islamists In Ein Al-Hilweh Refugee Camp In Lebanon Have Taken Control Of UNRWA Schools And Use Them To Launch Attacks Against Fatah Forces

#10475 | 02:22
Source: Falestinona TV (Fatah-Lebanon)

On September 12, 2023, Falestinona TV [Fatah-Lebanon] aired a report about clashes between Islamist militants and Fatah forces near UNRWA schools in the Ein-Al-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon. According to the report, eight schools are under fire and will not be able to accommodate students once the school year starts. The reporter said that the schools are being used by takfiri terrorists to attack Fatah leaders, and it gave the specific example of Fatah military leader General Abu Ashraf Al-Armoushi, who was killed by Islamist militants in July. She added that these groups are implementing "Zionist schemes" and that Fatah is working to "cleanse" the schools from their "filth" so that they can reopen in time for the school year.

Reporter: "Bissan, Safad, Hattin, and other UNRWA schools are [schools] in the 'Ein Al-Hilweh Refugee Camp that is famous for its steadfastness in the face of the takfiri destruction machine, which uses these bastions of education as shelters, from where they target our national leaders.

"The biggest proof of this is the horrible crime that these terrorists committed from inside one of these schools against General Abu Ashraf Al-Armoushi and his companions. These groups do not care about the security of the refugee camp and its people. Rather, they harm [security] in every possible way.

"These doorways of education are just one of the means used by the terrorists – who have taken up positions in the UNRWA schools ever since the despicable crime [of Armoushi's assassination] took place, sowing ruin and destruction, so that the future of about 5900 students has become unclear.

"There are eight schools under the fire of terrorism. If the situation remains as it is now, then UNRWA may not be able to provide educational services in the refugee camp, especially considering the proximity to the beginning of the school year, which will definitely not start at its regular time for the students of the refugee camp, delaying their progress, amidst repeated calls by UNRWA to clear the schools from terrorists.

"While Fatah strives to provide a safe environment for our nation's students – upon whom we count to raise the Palestinian banner over Jerusalem – these groups are implementing Zionist schemes, taking over the benches and the dreams of the students, which are now dependent upon the cleansing [of the schools] from the filth of these groups.

"This is what Fatah is doing, in order to guarantee the safe return [to the schools] of our students, who are being denied their most basic rights, in light of the presence of the takfiri groups."

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