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Jun 19, 2020
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Lebanese Journalist Tony Khalife: I've Been To Dearborn, Michigan; They Are All Supporters Of Hizbullah, Hang Posters Of Nasrallah; It Felt Like Beirut To Me – Archival

#10892 | 01:05
Source: Online Platforms - "Rachel Karam on Instagram"

Lebanese journalist Tony Khalife said in a June 19, 2020 interview posted on Rachel Karam’s Instagram page that he visited Dearborn, Michigan and everyone there supports Hizbullah and its secretary-general Hassan Nasrallah. He said that every store there has posters of Nasrallah and he felt like he was in Hizbullah’s Beirut stronghold of the Dahiya. Khalife said that these are all American citizens and they have business dealing with members of religions that "we consider to be our enemies today." He asked how come Lebanese abroad are allowed to do as they wish, while the Lebanese people in Lebanon must all ascribe to the "resistance." Khalife suggested that if the Lebanese people are fighting America, these American Hizbullah supporters should come to Lebanon and tear up their American passports.

Tony Khalife: "Hassan Nasrallah is demanding that we turn to the East. When I went to Dearborn, Michigan, in America, I thought I was in the [Hizbullah's Beirut stronghold] of the Dahiya.

"They are all supporters of the 'resistance' and especially of Hizbullah, because they have posters of Nasrallah hanging in their shops.

"But they are all American citizens, and some of them have [business] partners who subscribe, perhaps, to religions that we consider to be our enemies today. How come Lebanese living abroad are allowed to do whatever they want, whereas in Lebanon, we must all be part of the ‘resistance’? If we are fighting America, I want all our supporters to come to Lebanon, and tear up their American passports."

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