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Apr 06, 2019
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Lebanese Journalist Nadim Koteich: I Support Trump and Netanyahu's Anti-Iranian Policy; Beirut Is More Important than Jerusalem or the Golan Heights

#7140 | 01:55
Source: Al-Jadeed TV (Lebanon)

Lebanese journalist Nadim Koteich said in an April 6, 2019 interview on Al-Jadeed/New TV (Lebanon) that he supports U.S. President Trump's foreign policies and that since he is not American or Israeli, he does not care about U.S. President Trump's domestic policies or if he is anti-woman or anti-gay, nor does he care that Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu's domestic policies are oppressive towards Palestinians. He said that as a Lebanese citizen, he cares most about Israel's policies vis-à-vis Iran. Koteich said that Iran is playing a destructive role in Lebanon and in the region. He added that Beirut and Lebanon are his top priorities and that for him, Beirut is more important than Jerusalem or the Golan Heights. He said: "Under no circumstances am I willing to pay the price for the Golan Heights." Koteich is a veteran journalist at Future TV (Lebanon).

Following are excerpts:


Nadim Koteich: I'm not American, so I do not focus on Trump's domestic policies. Is he anti-women? Is he anti-homosexuals? From a general moral perspective, I support Obama, but as far as my interests are concerned, I support Trump regardless of his domestic policies. The same is true for Israel. I'm not Israeli, and I don't care about their domestic policies. So if Netanyahu's economic policies… And by the way, I'm not Palestinian, either. If Netanyahu's policy towards the Palestinians is oppressive – which it is – it is only my second or third priority. My number one priority is what Netanyahu is doing vis-à-vis Iran. I consider Iran to be playing a destructive role in the region, included in Lebanon. Netanyahu's [anti-Iranian] policy is welcomed warmly by the Arabs, despite the other differences they have with him. It's no longer black and white.




I am a Lebanese citizen, and under no circumstances am I willing to pay the prices for the Golan Heights or for… Jerusalem is not more important than Beirut. The Golan is not more important than Beirut.

Interviewer: This is what was said in the past and it got us to where we are…

Nadim Koteich: On the contrary… No, what was said in the past was that Jerusalem is more important than Beirut, that Nablus is more important than Beirut, that the Golan Heights are more important than Beirut, and that the most remote town in Mauritania is more important than Beirut… Sorry, no. They are not more important than Beirut. Beirut is my top priority.




The problem I have with Israel as a state is no different from the problem between Mexico and the Americans…

Interviewer: Do Mexican planes fly daily in American airspace?

Nadim Koteich: That's another issue. That has to do with the Israeli-Iranian conflict, and it has nothing to do with Lebanon.

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