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Jun 26, 2015
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Lebanese Islamist Al-Daqmaq: 9/11 Should Be Repeated; Bin Laden Is Superior to Nasrallah

#4984 | 01:59
Source: OTV (Lebanon)

In a recent Lebanese TV show, Islamist Bilal Al-Daqmaq reiterated his view that 9/11 was a blessed operation that should be repeated. He further said that "Sheik Osama" was superior to Hassan Nasrallah, adding: "It's like comparing a king to a servant." The program aired on OTV on June 27, 2015.


Al-Daqmaq: "(ISIS) has been successful in carrying out attacks in three continents – Asia, Europe and Africa. But should we describe them as animals? There are all kinds of animals. There is, for example, the Al-Hashd Al-Sha'abi militia. There is Hizbullah. There are many Rafidite (Shi'ite) militias that commit crimes."






Interviewer: "In 2007 or 2008, I asked you in an interview about 9/11, and you said that it was a blessed operation that should be repeated."



Al-Daqmaq: "I still say so."



Interviewer: "When the Americans killed Bin Laden, you referred to him as a martyr."



Al-Daqmaq: "I view Sheikh Osama differently than I view Al-Qaeda or the Islamic State. I view him as someone I respect. He was a man of principle… May Allah have mercy on Sheikh Osama. He had a unique status and outlook. He wasn't like Hassan Nasrallah, who lies and beats around the bush."



Interviewer: "Hold on, are you seriously comparing Hassan Nasrallah to Osama Bin Laden?"



Al-Daqmaq: "Of course not. Sheikh Osama is superior. It's like comparing a king to a servant…






"Are the Jews infidels or Muslims?"



Guest 2: "The Jews are the People of the Book, they are neither infidels nor Muslims."



Al-Daqmaq: "Dear God, don't you know your own religion? They are infidels!"



Interviewer: "Hold on, what are the Christians?"



Al-Daqmaq: "Infidels!"



Guest 2: "The Christians are infidels?"



Al-Daqmaq: "Does the Koran lie? Are the Christians infidels or not?"



Guest 2: "They are not. They are People of the Book."






Al-Daqmaq: "When ISIS is right about something, I defend them, but when they act with injustice, killing people like they do, I oppose it, I fight it, and I do not agree with it."


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