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Jan 03, 2005
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Kuwaiti Sheik Ahmad Qattan on Allah's Rewards to a Martyr

#463 | 01:38
Source: Iqra TV (Saudi Arabia)

The following are excerpts from a lecture by Kuwaiti Sheik Ahmad Qattan:

Qattan: The Mujahid, the warrior on the frontier, the preacher, the faithful, the martyr, the martyrdom seeker… These heroes who stand in line and await their turn, not for bread and potatoes, but to sacrifice themselves for the sake of their god's religion and to exalt His words. They seek the most ideal life, the longest life in the heavens. They want to join their brothers, the martyrs, and to reap martyr's rewards. A martyr gets six rewards from Allah: His sins are forgiven with the first drop of his blood, and he sees his place in heaven; he is spared the torments of the grave, and he is safe from the great horror; the crown of honor is placed on his head - with a jewel finer than this world and what is in it; he is married off to 72 black-eyed women, and he may plead for 70 of his relatives.

This reminds me of the Mujahideen and Martyrdom seekers who stand in line in Palestine: men and women, adults and children, awaiting their turn to sign, with their blood and their broken bones, their pledge of faith in Allah.