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Jan 22, 2008
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Kuwaiti Cleric Ahmad Qattan on the Rewards of the Martyr in Paradise

#1669 | 59
Source: Al-Resala TV (Kuwait)

Following are excerpts from an interview with Kuwaiti cleric Sheik Ahmad Al-Qattan, which aired on Al-Risala TV on January 22, 2008:

Sheik Amad Al-Qattan: I bring good tidings to the Palestinian people, and particularly to the families of the martyrs: Their dead are martyrs. The martyr gets seven rewards from Allah. From the first drop of his blood, he is pardoned. He sees his place in Paradise. He is spared the torments of the grave. He is spared the Great Horror [of Judgment Day]. He is crowned with the Crown of Glory, the stone of which is more precious than this entire world and what is in it. He is wedded to two... to seventy-two black-eyed women. And he vouches for 70 of his relatives to be admitted to Paradise. Has the martyr lost anything as a result of this [Israeli] siege? He has won everything. It is those who die of despair who lose everything.

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