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Oct 20, 2023
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Kansas City, Missouri Friday Sermons By Rockhurst University Professor Mohamed Kohia: The October 7 Hamas Attack Was 'Amazing', 'A Miracle', And 'A Drill' For What Will Come Next'; 'Oh Allah, Annihilate The Crusaders'

#10783 | 03:54
Source: Online Platforms - "Kansas City Islamic Center on YouTube"

Dr. Mohamed Kohia, Professor of Physical Therapy at Rockhurst University in Kansas City, Missouri, delivered several Friday sermons at the Kansas City Islamic Center following the October 7 Hamas attacks. The sermons were posted on the center's YouTube channel. Kohia said in an October 20 sermon that Hamas's October 7 attack on southern Israel was "amazing" and a "miracle." He said that the whole world was shocked when a few people from the Islamic resistance crossed into Israel and killed and captured many Israelis. He prayed: "May Allah annihilate the Crusaders."

On November 17, Kohia said that the October 7 attacks were "just a drill for what is going to come next." He stated that the liberation of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and Palestine in its entirety "is a possibility now." He went on to say that the West is not a civilization; it is merely technologically advanced, and he qualified that "civilization" applies only to Islam.

Dr. Mohamed Kohia, October 20, 2023: "When you look at what happened on October 7—amazing. It was shocking to the entire world. Nobody believes, or understands, or can comprehend what has happened until this moment. A few people from the Islamic resistance defeated the biggest army in the area—the army that [has] missiles, aircraft, everything you can think of. Actually, it is ranked maybe as number five in the entire world; [fifth] strongest army in the entire world. It took only a few minutes for a few believers to destroy that narrative, to finish it up, to cross [into Israel] and kill many and to capture many, and to go down deeper into the occupied lands, over 40 kilometers. It is a miracle.

"Oh Allah, annihilate the Crusaders, for they are no match for You. Oh Allah, demonstrate upon the oppressors the wonders of Your might. Oh Allah, demonstrate upon the oppressors the wonders of Your might. Oh Allah, demonstrate upon the oppressors the wonders of Your might. Oh Allah, do not raise their banner, do not allow them to achieve their goals, and make a deterrent example out of them for their descendants. Oh Allah, support us against them, oh Lord of the Universe. Oh Allah, support us against the infidels, as You promised us."


Kohia, November 17: "The liberation of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and entire Palestine is a possibility now. In the past, we would think that it is too hard. [This] is something that is difficult, with the situation of the Islamic nation, and the situation of the enemies who are so advanced and have all the means. We have this state of despair. We did not have enough faith to believe that yes, we can do it. What happened this time by Muslims in Palestine in just an example. [It is] just a scenario, just a drill for what is going to come next. The outcome of this battle is going to be very good, and it is going to happen, as I said, sooner than you expect. It is going to come very soon, inshallah.

"We have to differentiate between advancement and civilization. What we are seeing in the West, in general, is not a civilization. It is an advancement. They are advanced, they have all the technology, all the power, all the abilities, to do everything. But civilization only applies to Islam, because with all of this, Islam takes care of the person, the human being. Islam takes care of the manners, the character of that person. Islam teaches us—even in the time of war—not to humiliate our enemies. Oh Allah, support our mujahideen brothers in Palestine. Oh Allah, make their feet firm, and guide their shooting. Oh Allah, make their feet firm, guide their shooting, and support them Your enemy and their enemy, oh Lord of the Universe."

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