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Feb 04, 2015
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Jordanian Politician Weeps for Murdered Pilot: Let's Kidnap Their Wives and Children

#4770 | 02:11
Source: Mayadeen TV (Lebanon)

In a February 4, 2015 interview on the Lebanese Mayadeen TV, Muhammad Ahmad Al-Rousan, a member of the political bureau of the Jordanian Popular Movement, wept at the "heinous crime" of the immolation of the Jordanian pilot and called to kidnap the wives and children of ISIS members.

Following are excerpts:

Muhammad Ahamd Al-Rousan: Even before the crime committed against our martyr Moaz [Al-Kasasbeh], another heinous crime was committed in Arab-Islamic history – the killing of [8th-centuary poet] Ibn Al-Muqaffa'. Ibn Al-Muqaffa' was killed by his rivals. His limbs were chopped off and grilled before his very eyes, and he was forced to eat them. The immolation of Moaz resembles that crime or is, in fact, even more heinous. By God, he made us all cry for him. I watched the entire video. It was so horrible that I vomited twice, but I forced myself to watch it.


An Islamic Jihadi group, the name of which I've forgotten, kidnapped four Russian diplomats. The organization demanded that the Russians stop bombing Tripoli. What did this organization do when the bombardment did not stop? They killed one of the diplomats. Then the Russian intelligence intervened, and kidnapped relatives of these members of the organization. They sent them one of the children, with his head chopped off, and then the diplomats were set free.

We should use the same methods with this terrorist organization, especially with those foreign fighters, but also local ISIS members. We should kidnap their children. We should kidnap their wives. We should not go so far as to kill them, but we should use them as bargaining chips…

Interviewer: I think that you got the wrong information. The incident you are talking about happened in a completely different way. The [kidnappers] were threatened that they would face an internal war, and that is why they reconsidered the kidnapping.


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