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Jul 22, 2017
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Jordanian Political Analyst Asad Al-Azzouni: ISIS Leader Is Israeli Rabbi, U.S. Military Helped ISIS

#6191 | 02:08
Source: Alordon Alyoom TV (Jordan)

During a July 22 interview on the Jordanian Alordon Alyoom TV channel, political analyst Asad Al-Azzouni cited several conspiracy theories, saying that ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi was in fact an Israeli rabbi by the name of Simon Elliot and that U.S. helicopters had been filmed transferring ISIS militants from Mosul to Hawija. When asked for the source of his information, Al-Azzouni said that we live "in the world of the Internet, the world of Mr. Google," in which there are no secrets anymore.

Asad Al-Azzouni: "The regimes that you are talking about and most of the decision-makers – and here we are talking about their roots and origins – who are they? They are the sons of Mordechai. They are the sons of the Dönme Jews, and of the Jews of Esfahan. There are studies about this. We live in the world of the Internet, the world of Mr. Google."

Host: "Uncle Google."

Asad Al-Azzouni: "There are no secrets anymore. Today, with a single mouse click, you can find information about Asad Al-Azzouni, from his day of birth until today – who and what he is. Nothing is hidden."

Host: "True, but you know, we keep saying that Judaism is a monotheistic religion too, and that we are against Zionism and the Israeli entity on our lands..."

Asad Al-Azzouni: "With regard to the issue of religion, I am completely observant.


"Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi is not really the Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi we know from Iraq. He is an Israeli rabbi called Simon Elliot."

Host: "Where did you get your information?"

Asad Al-Azzouni: "By God, it has been published."

Host: "I'm asking on behalf of the viewers..."

Asad Al-Azzouni: "It has been published on American websites. I'm not making anything up. I may be held accountable. I'm not talking about things that happened in the 1930s."

Host: "Right."

Asad Al-Azzouni: "We have awareness, and with a single click, you can get any information you want. Today, in the post-ISIS era, our Iraqi brothers sent us a video in which you can see a whole group of American helicopters above the ground transferring ISIS militants from Mosul to Hawija."

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