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Nov 19, 2014
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Jordanian MP Rudaina Ati: "The PA Must Not Defend the Interests of the Filthy Jews"

#4624 | 01:40
Source: Roya TV (Jordan)

Jordanian MP Rudaina Ati, interviewed on Roya TV on November 19, 2014, said: "The Palestinian Authority must not defend the interests of the filthy Jews on the land of Palestine."

Rudaina Ati: "The (Jerusalem synagogue) operation sends a clear message to the Zionist entity and to Stink-iyahu: Stop the settlements, especially in Jerusalem, and the violation in the Al-Aqsa Mosque, in Jerusalem, and in the places holy to the Arabs and Islam. Yes, this is the time. The (Jews) most reconsider what they are doing, because they always violate treaties and abide by none."


Host: "Do you believe that the Israeli violence should be met by Palestinian violence and incitement?"

Rudaina Ati: "There must be resistance, and it is high time that the Arabs awaken from their slumber and become a giant that will liberate Palestine from the colonialist Jews, who came and unjustly plundered our land and our rights. I believe in the Right of Return. The day must come when someone will take the key and open the door, so that the dispersed Palestinian people can return, from all corners of the Earth, to its land and its home. The Palestinian Authority must not defend the interests of the filthy Jews on the land of Palestine. This is what we must shout for the while world to hear."

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