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Jul 12, 2020
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Jordanian MP Dr. Mohammad Nouh Qudah: Allah Created Arabs As Masters Of The World To Guide Non-Arabs While They Do The Actual Work; Arabs Have Different Genes And Traits Than Non-Arabs

#8139 | 01:57
Source: Iqra TV (Saudi Arabia)

Jordanian MP Mohammad Nouh Qudah, who used to serve as Jordan's Minister of Sports and Youth as well as Minister of Religious Endowments, said in a July 12, 2020 interview on Iqra TV (Saudi Arabia) that when Allah revealed the Quran to the Arabs, he also bestowed upon them traits of leadership that other peoples do not have. He said that the Arabs were not created to do actual work but rather, to provide guidance to the non-Arabs. Qudah added that the Arabs are the masters of the world, that Allah created them to preach to the world, that Arabs have different genes and inherent traits, and that the work of non-Arabs is complementary to the ideas of Arabs. He also said that he is not saying this out of racism, and that Arab children even act differently from non-Arab children.

Mohammad Nouh Qudah: "When the Arabs received Islam, it came with the idea that they are the masters of the world. Today, some people want us to manufacture planes, cars, and trains and then compete with Europe and America, but this is not the purpose for which we were created. When Allah created us as 'peoples and tribes' [as the Quran says], He endowed us Arabs with thought and guidance and He created the other peoples as students who follow our guidance. They are the ones who should work. This way, our thought and their work complement each other, and this is how the world is built. This is why God said in the Quran: '...and We raised some of them above others in ranks.'


"We are the masters of the world. I'm not saying this out of a sense of superiority. No, no. I say this as a way to put things in order. This is why God sent the message to the Arab nation. He instilled in the Arabs traits of leadership that He did not bestow upon others. I say to my brothers who watch us from Europe, America, or elsewhere: Go to any school, where there are children. Look at the way the children move, and you will notice that the Arab children are different from the children from the rest of the world. It shows! Take them on a trip, and you will see that the Arab children are different. This is not about castes, about racism, or about discrimination. I am talking about traits and different genes that Allah instilled in the Arab nation, when He sent down his message. So Allah created us Arabs to be preachers who deliver His message to the others."

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