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Dec 31, 2014
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Jordanian Mosque-Goers Divided over Antisemitic, Jihadi Tirades of Self-Proclaimed Child Preacher

#5536 | 04:53
Source: The Internet

In recent months, a Jordanian child called Abd Al-Aziz Al-Sayifi is annoying local authorities in Jordanian mosques. Al-Sayfi rises in the middle of the sermon, takes over the pulpit and recites standard antisemitic and Jihadi texts, criticizing Arab rulers for not liberating the Al-Aqsa Mosque. The "sermons" are almost the same every week in different mosques. Some mosque-goers and mosque managers have tried to get Al-Sayfi to stop his angry "sermons" and have even threatened to call the police, but Al-Sayfi refuses and at times is supported by some of the worshippers. Al-Sayfi has posted his "sermons" and repeated clashes with mosque authorities on his YouTube page.


Following are excerpts



Posted on April 30, 2016



Abd Al-Aziz Al-Sayfi: [The Jews] sometimes claim that they are searching for their temple. They are plundering a land that is not theirs. Worse still, the extremist Zionists are now openly speaking about dividing the Al-Aqsa Mosque, in terms of space and times of prayer. Jerusalem is crying for help: "Oh Arabs! Oh Muslims!"...



Man in mosque: Hey boy, it is forbidden to talk like that!



Abd Al-Aziz Al-Sayfi: We expect the Arabs and Muslims to adopt a more powerful stand in the defense of Jerusalem...



Man in mosque: It is forbidden to talk like that! Go away!



Abd Al-Aziz Al-Sayfi:...and to devise a strategic plan to resist Zionist policies.



Man in mosque: This is forbidden!



The man grabs hold of the boy preacher.



Abd Al-Aziz Al-Sayfi: We must preserve the resources of the Islamic nation, its ideology, its ulema... That's it, I'm calling the police.






Posted on May 20, 2016



[Those who do not like] to climb mountains will forever live in pits. But the Arab and Islamic peoples like to climb mountains, and refuse to live in pits.



A man at the mosque removes the boy preacher from the pulpit, and then attacks him physically

I'm telling you, brothers, Palestine will not be liberated through negotiations...




Man in the crowd shouts: Allah Akbar!



Abd Al-Aziz Al-Sayfi: ...but through Jihad and resistance.



Men try to remove the boy from the mosque



Man in the crowd shouts: Allah Akbar. Allah be blessed.



The voice of Abd Al-Aziz Al-Sayfi is heard in the background: Jerusalem lives onand in the hearts of every Muslim man and woman.






Posted on June 20, 2016



Abd Al-Aziz Al-Sayfi: [The Jews] are the enemies of all humanity, so Allah sentenced them to...



A man comes up to the boy and tries to stop him from preaching



Man in the mosque: Let him finish, man!



Abd Al-Aziz Al-Sayfi: They spread corruption in the land, and Allah does not like those who spread corruption. Where are the ulema of the nation? Where are its armies? Where are its young people? Where are its men? Where are the Muslims?






Oh Allah, annihilate the Jews and those who help them!



Men in the mosque: Amen.



Abd Al-Aziz Al-Sayfi: Oh Allah, liberate our land.



Men in the mosque: Amen.



Abd Al-Aziz Al-Sayfi: Oh Allah, liberate our prisoners.



Men in the mosque: Amen.



Abd Al-Aziz Al-Sayfi: Oh Allah, protect the mujahideen and the resistance fighters.



Men in the mosque: Amen.






And I, Abd Al-Aziz Al-Sayfi, would like to congratulate and salute you. Assalaam alaykum, and may Allah's mercy and blessings be upon you.






Man in mosque: Say "Allah Akbar"!



Men in mosque: Allah Akbar!



Older man kisses Abd Al-Aziz Al-sayfi's forehead, he shake the hands of many parishioners






Posted on September 5, 2015



Man in mosque: First of all, you caused a disturbance. Secondly, you can come here any time, get permission, and talk as much as you like.



Abd Al-Aziz Al-Sayfi: I did not disturb anybody.



Man in mosque: I do not want you and me to get into a futile Byzantine discussion... You are a gifted speaker, but we've already heard it all on Al-Jazeera. Al-Jazeera does not leave a single stone unturned. But this only takes us backward. Bravo for all the things you said, but this only takes us backward.



Abd Al-Aziz Al-Sayfi: Allah willing, it will take us forward.



Man in mosque: No, it only takes backward.





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