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May 05, 2014
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Jordanian Commentators Demolish Studio While Arguing over Syria War

#4260 | 01:21
Source: 7 Stars TV (Jordan)

During a Jordanian TV debate on the war in Syria, things got out of hand, with two Jordanian commentators, Shaker Al-Jawhari and Baathist Muhammad Al-Jayousi, hurling insults at each other and tearing apart the desk separating them. By the time studio workers had separated them, the studio was in a shambles.

Following are excerpts from the debate, which aired on 7 Stars TV and was posted on the Internet on May 5, 2014.

Muhammad Al-Jayousi: Yes, I am a Baathist, a reporter from the Al-Baath newspaper, as well as for the Syrian News Agency, and the Lebanese Al-Binaa newspaper. I'm also editor-in-chief of the Arab Jordan Network…

Shaker Al-Jawhari: And the Top News Network…

Muhammad Al-Jayousi: Right. I'm proud of that… You yourself used to publish my articles, before you deviated from the path…

TV host: Go ahead…

Muhammad Al-Jayousi: The Baath conferences were held…

Shaker Al-Jawhari: As long as we're talking about deviation, a deviant is someone who supports the slaughtering of people.

Muhammad Al-Jayousi: No, you are the deviant…

Shaker Al-Jawhari: A deviant is someone whose views are determined according to benefits.

TV host: Just a second…

Muhammad Al-Jayousi: Tell him to shut up.

Shaker Al-Jawhari: A deviant is someone who jumps from one lap to another, depending on who pays more.

Muhammad Al-Jayousi: Shut up.

Shaker Al-Jawhari: You're telling ME to shut up?!

Both commentators get up and start tugging at the desk at which they were seated

TV host: Shaker… Shaker… Shaker… Brothers…

The desk is torn apart, and the men go at each other, studio workers separate the brawl


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