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Jul 09, 2010
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Jordanian Cleric Ghaleb Al-Rabab'a: Allah Will Not Let the Prophet Slayers Dwell in Jerusalem for Long

#2550 | 01:12
Source: Jordan TV

Following are excerpts from a lecture delivered by Jordanian cleric Ghaleb Al-Rabab'a before the Friday sermon. The lecture aired on Jordan TV on July 9, 2010.

Ghaleb Al-Rabab'a: The Al-Aqsa mosque is the cradle of religions, the source of the prophetic messages. Allah will not let the prophet slayers dwell there for long. Jerusalem was the fortress of Islam and the fortress of faith in the early days of the Islamic nation. Allah will not let it remain in the hands of His enemies at the end of time.


We pray to Allah that the next time we mark this day, Jerusalem will have been liberated from the filth of the impure.


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